NYX Cosmetics Haul & Review

I believe that the greatest downside to wearing makeup is that you constantly have to replenish your stash every x amount of months. I recently ran out of mascara, foundation primer, AND concealer  – so I figured it would be a good time for a mini makeup haul. : ) I’ve been in love with NYX Cosmetics ever since I bought their Round Lipstick in B52 at Ulta over five months ago, but that tube has since broken in my purse out of my own carelessness. >.<;

I considered purchasing a few things from the official NYX Cosmetics website, but then I remembered a site that all my favorite bloggers have mentioned at least once: Cherry Culture. They sell makeup for a hugely discounted price, and offer free shipping on all orders over $40! Needless to say, I immediately took advantage of it. :P Over half of the products I ordered were on sale, meaning I wouldn’t be able to return them. I placed my order on March 26th and received my package earlier this afternoon, making the total shipping time only five business days! :o

+NYX Doll Eye Mascara, in Long Lash Extreme Black: $9.00 $7.00
+NYX HD Eyeshadow Base: $7.00
+NYX Studio Perfect Photo-Loving Primer, in Lavender: $12.00
+NYX Concealer Jar, in Medium: $5.50 $5.00
+NYX Black Label Lipstick, in Diva: $7.50 $6.00
+NYX Round Lipstick, in Black Cherry: $4.00 $2.50
+NYX Round Lipstick, in Milan: $4.00 $2.50

Milan is a very pretty, neutral pink shade of lipstick. Compared to B52, it’s less pink and more “brown”. In other words, this is the shade that I wish my lips were naturally. As with all of the NYX Circle Lipsticks, the color payoff is great for the price! The formula is super rich and very creamy, though a little slippery. I definitely prefer the shade Milan over B52, though. ; )

Black Cherry is a deep red lipstick with plum undertones. It looks very intimidating in the tube, and very bold on your lips. I am so glad that I chose this shade over the popular Snow White, though, as it looks great with my naturally tan skin. From photos and reviews of Snow White, it looks as if the shade is meant for people with cooler undertones and paler skin. On the other hand, I think Black Cherry can compliment just about every skin tone! Wearing red lipstick is always a strong statement, and this is no exception – I only plan to wear it on special occasions and photo opportunities. :P

Because I already knew that I loved the NYX Circle Lipsticks, I decided to see if paying a little extra for their Black Label Lipsticks wold be worth it. I chose the shade Diva, which comes out to be a bright fuchsia pink on my lips. The product is definitely of a higher quality than the Circle Lipsticks – not slippery at all, still very rich and creamy, and even more pigmented. The packaging looks so classy and sleek, too! Depending on how I feel the next time I need to restock on lipstick (which won’t be for a long time), I may prefer these. : )

This mascara? Amazing. NYX Doll Eye Mascara in Long Lash Extreme Black make my eyelashes look incredibly long. The brush is shaped so that even the corners get some love. ; ) You can layer, layer, layer, and this stuff refuses to clump! No spider legs, no flaking, no transferring onto my lower lid – it’s practically perfect. My dentist actually asked me today if I was wearing eyelash extensions. :P This is definitely my favorite mascara so far. <3

Only two coats.. can you believe it? :D

I had always ignored the hype surrounding eyeshadow primers, even with the cult following for Urban Decay’s popular Eyeshadow Primer Potion. I used to be completely content with my eyeshadow application, until some of my older shadows started to become a little chalky. The NYX HD Eyeshadow Base not only makes your eyeshadow last all day without creasing, it makes the color much more vibrant. It also makes the application look flawless – chalky eyeshadow becomes milky smooth! This product has completely changed my mind that eyeshadow primer should be a staple in my morning routine. XD

Foundation primer? Definitely necessary for me. I just feel uncomfortable and dirty when I don’t have a protective layer in between my acne-prone skin and my foundation. A single tube of Monistat Chafing Relief Powder-Gel has lasted me the past ten months – leaving my skin less oily, and looking more fresh and dewy. I bought the NYX Studio Perfect Photo-Loving Primer in Lavender because it claimed to brighten the yellow undertones in my skin. The formula is indeed purple, but blends out into a very nice translucent glow. : )  It doesn’t have the same dimethicone feel to it as the Moninstat gel does, but it functions identically.

Because I ran of my incredibly sheer $1 E.L.F. concealer, I wanted to go for something that had more coverage this time. The NYX Concealer Jar in Medium is a shade too light for me, but is hardly noticeable when blended out. Although very drying, it helps with my unsightly dark circles and discolored spots of skin. It can look incredibly fake and cakey when you try to build up the coverage, though. Lastly, Cherry Culture was nice enough to send me a free lip balm with my order, too! Super hydrating, and the bubblegum scent is wonderful. : )


7 responses to “NYX Cosmetics Haul & Review

  1. Gosh, you’re pretty. <3

    The lipsticks are very flattering. <3
    I swear by my e.l.f. eyeshadow primer. :P

    • Aww, thanks! <3 Every time I go to Target, I'm on the lookout for the E.L.F. eyeshadow primer.. but it's always out of stock?! It would have been my first choice, though.

      • I always wait for the website to have a free shipping promotion (usually for holidays), then I stock up. I noticed that the targets around here have different items, so its whatever they choose to carry, I guess.
        As much as I love them, their items are hit and miss, though. Their eyeshadow primer is great, but their liquid eyeliner pen was god-awful. I bought a couple brushes from a target, and I’m satisfied with those. Weird, huh?

  2. I guess it’s to be expected that some products won’t be as good. The liquid eyeliner pen worked fine for me for about a week before completely drying out, but reviews from other people tell me that it’s worked completely fine for them. Since E.L.F. manufactures a ton of products each day to be sold for such a low price, it’s not surprising that the same product might work differently every time. Personally, I like consistent products, so I don’t mind shelling out the extra few dollars. Haha.

  3. improperintegirl

    Both of those lip colors look great on you! They really work well with your hair and skintone!!
    And free chap stick is always awesome ^^

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