As a Resident Assistant, I held a program tonight where we all created identity collages out of magazine clippings! I was actually really worried at first because someone in the building had been tearing down my flyers, and I thought no one would come due to poor advertising. >.<; Thankfully, about twenty residents attended! :DOf course, I served tea and cookies! 

The collages we made were meant to articulate how we perceive ourselves, as well as the image we portray to the outside world. Most of us just ended up cutting out words and pictures we found interesting, though, and gluing them together onto construction paper. XD But they all came out really good! Here are some of them, starting with mine. : )

I think everyone had a great time – they even said so themselves that they all had a ton of work to do, yet came down anyway to express themselves through art and gain self-awareness with me! Since the turnout was so good, I’m definitely doing a similar program next semester. : )


2 responses to “Identi-tea

  1. “…and I though no one would come…” fyi ;-)

    I had a wonderful time! I’m really glad so many people showed up, and I’m surprised that even the guys were getting involved. Oh, and the tea was delicious. I think I’ll have some right now.

    Oh, and my thing is hanging outside my room.

    • How embarrassing! Fixing it now. :P And I’m glad you had a good time. Yours was by far the funniest – how could it not be with the picture of Charlie Sheen next to the text ‘Winning’? XD

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