A package from the lovely Kristiana <3

My friend Kristiana is one of the sweetest girls I know, and it made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside when she decided to send me a package made with love, just as Mia did a few weeks ago. It just arrived in the mail on Thursday evening! I’m so blessed to have such thoughtful people in my life. : )

Note the cute wrapping paper. ; )

The inside of the box was sprinkled with red heart-shaped confetti, too!

This was my favorite item from the package. I’m such a sucker for handmade gifts. <3 Not only is the frame super pretty and unique, but the photo is of us from almost four years ago, during senior year of high school at our Halloween Dance – back when I was fat and had a really bad haircut! XD It’s very meaningful to me, though, since Kristiana and I don’t often see each other. Ever since graduation, we’ve only seen each other once due to our conflicting busy schedules. :'( It’s always great to know that you can still be really good friends despite not seeing each other for long stretches of time, as long as you both make the effort to keep in touch. <3

At this point, I think it’s become common knowledge that I love Hello Kitty! :P

If there’s one thing I’m grateful for having in common with at least one friend, it’s my love for arts and crafts. Kristiana works at A.C. Moore and I love how we can both bond over different creative outlets. Pictured above are several packs of scrapbooking materials, which is perfect because I love putting together photo albums! : )

Additionally, I’m sure everyone knows how much I love to snack. :P I devoured those colored Goldfish crackers the moment I saw them! XD

Disney-themed baking cups!! <3 I can’t wait to bring my cupcake tin from home, so I can use these to make delicious baked goods. ; ) I’m going to try making paper roses with the packet above, too, as soon as I’m done with exams. :D

When I saw the teacup painting, I immediately wanted to hang it up on my dorm room along with my photography prints! Unfortunately, we’re not allowed to drill or nail holes in the wall, so I’ll have to find some sort of adhesive.

More arts and crafts! I can’t wait to put together another mini-scrapbook with all these new materials. And look, a bottle of P.S. I Love You lotion from Bath & Body Works. ; )

Plush dolls! Judging from the little hole on top of the pink one, I’m pretty sure it’s a tissue dispenser, too. XD I’m not quite sure what the center one is, but my favorite is the Giant Microbe in Food Poisoning on the right! I always see the different varieties of them in my campus bookstore and the hospital bookstore. And I find it so fitting that she would send me one, since I’m a Health Science major and all. : )

If she’s reading this right now, I just want to say thank you again! You’re so thoughtful, and I really appreciate having someone like you in my life. <3 I’m definitely going to put together a package for you, too, whenever I have the time. (Even if that means over the summer, lol.)


8 responses to “A package from the lovely Kristiana <3

  1. Aww I’m glad you liked it!! :D

    The pink tofu is a cell phone holder actually to put your phone in while it charges :) haha and the middle plush is a poop lol cause u know who doesn’t love a stuffed poo? lol XD and im glad you like the food poisoning!! :)

    I’m glad I have friends like you in my life too :)

    Love you!!!! <3

  2. improperintegirl

    When you say you’re into making photo albums did you mean scrap books? Because I’m also very much into that!!

    I got Scott into it too after I made him a scrapbook for our anniversary a year or two ago :D

    • Yes! I have a scrapbook made entirely of photos of Michael and I. The whole cover is a collage of all the tickets of movies and concerts we’ve been to. : ) I think it’s a great way to keep memories, although I’m a little behind on updating it. Haha.

  3. Ah! I love that idea about the cover!!! :D

    I have done a few scrapbooks for me and Jonathan lol I havent really used much of the tickets or anything i have tho lol most of its just stored in a little box :)

  4. Haha suree :) I have given most of what ive done to Jonathan lol ;X but i do have some stuff done at home and alot of stuff where i have the pics/papers and embellishments just not assembled yet lol >_<

  5. is that ur friends give to you? :) So cute.. wish i have one too. :)

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