Zombie Farm! :D

A few days ago, I downloaded a free app for my iPod touch called Zombie Farm. The premise of the game revolves around growing plants to earn money and growing zombies in order to acquire brains! It’s a little silly for someone my age to be playing this, but I’m completely addicted. >.<;

Despite one of my friends saying that it’s basically the same thing as the dreaded Farmville, I stubbornly refuse to admit it. The graphics are so cute! You get to grow adorable plants like Bread Fruit (pictured below) and more morbid things like Spineapples (pineapples growing on human spines). With the money you earn, you can buy items for your farm that you can either benefit from or just simply to decorate it.

What I like is that there is a variety of different types of zombies, each with different skills and stats. Once you’re at a high enough level and life force, you can even mutate them to become part-plant! After building your army of zombies, your can also invade neighboring farms to fight lawyers, pirates, ninjas, robots, and aliens in order to earn rewards. I got my boyfriend to download it, too, and he’s been taking it pretty seriously. :P

Call me immature, but I think it’s a cute and fun way to spend time in between my classes when I have an extra ten minutes to burn. : )

In other news, I recently switched from using a physical notebook-type planner to an electronic one. The main factors towards coming to this decision were my messy handwriting, and ever-changing schedule. For my convience, I decided to go with an app so that everything’s all in the same place. It’s called WOW Diary, and it has a very simple concept – monthly, weekly, and daily calendar views. Note-taking capability, and cute icons! What more do I need? :P

Surprisingly enough, I can see myself becoming more organized by using this app. And as you can see from the screenshots above, I’m a very busy girl that can’t afford to mess around with her schedule and possibly risk forgetting something. I don’t ever need to fumble through the scribble-filled pages of a planner ever again, either! :D


2 responses to “Zombie Farm! :D

  1. improperintegirl

    Zombie farm looks exactly like farmville, only better!! The idea of growing zombies to get brains sounds awesomely fun XD I stopped playing farmville a while ago.. though I relapse into playing restaurant city every now and then

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