Changing my nail polish color with the seasons..

For the past couple of months, the only thing I’ve been wearing on my nails was my trademark Steel Grey because it was very Autumn/Winter-eqsue. Now that Spring is approaching, I figured I’d switch it up a little and wear a brighter shade. Because I’m already in love with the formula, I bought another bottle of Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro Nail Enamel – this time in English Rose. ; )

Excuse my hideous cuticles – I was in a rush last night.
So pretty! What’s even better was that it was on sale for only $0.97! 

While I was at Target, I also decided to buy E.L.F. nail polish remover pads, Hello Kitty nail files, and a pair of Hanes opaque black tights. : ) The nail polish remover pads are actually quite effective, and don’t have that gross acetone smell. In fact, it smells pleasantly of oranges! The nail files were super cute (and super cheap), too, so obviously I couldn’t resist getting them. :P And the only reason I picked up Hanes tights was because all the Merona ones in my size were already sold out. The quality is about the same, though, save for the Hanes being slightly thinner in material and running a little bit too small.

On a final note, check out these two outfits that I found on the other day! I’m sure I’ve mentioned my love for Rachel-Marie before, but I just recently started following Cheyser. Both are such inspirations to my style!


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