MOMIX: Botanica

Last night, my boyfriend and I went to see the modern dance company MOMIX, which was performing their latest work Botanica at our school’s Staller Center. I received the two tickets (which would normally cost $60+ each) for FREE last week in the mail without having to wait in a 3-hour line because Resident Assistants get priority when it comes to reserving seats for special events on campus. ; )

Although we arrived an hour early, the line was already pretty ridiculous since the main theater holds about 1,050 people. While we were waiting, over 50 students cut us in line because their friends were saving them a spot. At this point, I was really irritated. Regardless, Michael and I were able to get seats in the very first row because people don’t know how to walk all the way to the end.

I can’t accurately put into words how beautiful the performance turned out to be, and how incredible of an experience it was to be part of the audience. Botanica was created around the theme of nature and the changing seasons, so there was plenty of imagery related to plant life, animals, insects, and the ecosystem in general. Perhaps some of my favorite costumes were when the dancers looked like flowers, centaurs, and tornadoes. I can only imagine how difficult it was to perform the choreography as the back half of the centaur, since their faces were covered and their heads were down.

The performance also largely revolved around the use of music, light, and shadows to create mystery and beauty. The dancers were all very graceful, passionate, and on point. At times, many of the darker dances would give me chills because it was all so synchronized. If any of them had made a mistake, someone would have definitely gotten hurt. I knew they were professionals, though, so I didn’t worry much about the large and pointy props accidentally being thrown into the audience. :P

It was a really great experience, since I don’t often attend these kind of events. This was actually my first time watching modern dance, too! I was most surprised by how their were only a total of nine dancers (four female, five male) that put on the entire performance. As my boyfriend mentioned after the show, it was also nice that it came full circle – the theme was the four seasons, after all. And although I couldn’t describe the performance very well to you guys, I do have a large appreciation for art, and I’m sure the official MOMIX website and YouTube videos like this can better explain what I witnessed. : )


2 responses to “MOMIX: Botanica

  1. improperintegirl

    Wow, that performance sounds awesome. And all of those pictures are beautiful. I haven’t been to a dance performance since my elementary school took us to see some on field trips. … I’ll have to get Scott to take me to a fun performance like that in the future =D

    • The last time I can clearly remember going to a dance performance was in middle school, too, when they took us on a trip to see The Nutcracker. And it’s definitely a great experience that I would repeat with another modern dance company and performance, given the tickets are somewhat discounted. Full-priced tickets would blow a hole through my checking account. x_x

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