Maybelline Super Stay 24 Lip Color

Because I’m a BzzAgent, I am given many opportunities to try out a wide range of new and popular products. In this case, a partnership with Maybelline has allowed me to receive four full-sized samples of their new Super Stay 24 Lip Color – absolutely free! ; ) The shades they sent me were..

005 – Everlasting Wine
045 – Wear on Wildberry
090 – Timeless Rose
115 – Forever Chestnut

According to their advertising, Maybelline spent 5 years of research and 10 patents to finally come out with this new micro-flex technology that allows the Super Stay 24 Lip Color to stay put all day: no caking, fading, feathering, or transferring. Available in 30 runway-inspired colors, and retailing at around $9.99 each, I feel quite honored to be a part of this campaign. : ) Here’s what the shades look like on my lips:

My favorite shade is Timeless Rose! Because I don’t need all four, I’m going to give two of them to my mom the next time I go home. : )

The first thing I noticed was its smell – very fruity and pleasant. Its application technique is also different from what I’m used to. First, I had to apply the base coat of color using a doe foot applicator. After waiting for it to dry, I would then apply the clear lip balm on the other end. I admit that the colors do come out vibrant, but the first coat can dry up your lips – I suggest applying the included lip balm before the first coat, too.

Be warned, though – the darker shades are incredibly difficult to remove. I was scrubbing my lips for a while until all traces of Endless Wine were removed. My other complaint is that the first coat may take a while to dry before being safe to apply the balm over it. Applying the balm too early results in chunky, disgusting, sand-like bits of material on your lips.

Although the product claims to last 24 hours, even through things like eating and kissing, I’m afraid to say that it did not. They do last a good 4-6 hours, though, before the center starts fading. Which is certainly more than I can say about the rest of my lipwear! :P To be honest, though, long-lasting isn’t at the top of my priorities when it comes to selecting lipwear. I look for the quality of color, and this certainly has it! Although the price is a little steep, I do still recommend it for those of you who are interested. : ) Would I purchase more after I’m done with these? Probably not.


7 responses to “Maybelline Super Stay 24 Lip Color

  1. improperintegirl

    That BzzAgent thing sounds cool! I looked into it and I might join… do you have to blog about the products you try? Or can you just tell other people about them. I don’t see how I could blog about everything.. but that factor tree free trial really fits in with the math/education route I want my blog to go down XD

    I’d comment on the lip color… but I never wear any because it always feels weird. I hope I never have a daughter because I’d fail and having any makeup knowledge at all >.<

    • Getting involved with BzzAgent is really fun. You get to choose the campaigns that you join, and you’re not required to blog – just spread the word in any other way you can. : ) Haha, and everything I know about makeup (which isn’t even much to begin with) was learned through trial & error, and YouTube. XD

  2. I really like the Wildberry on you :)! But it’s difficult to remove? Try using a low percentage rubbing alcohol (just remember to wash your lips before lick them :D!)

  3. I’m part of Bzzagent as well, and I had these last on me for a good 8 hours! I love these things.

    BTW – Maybelline recommends using an oil-based makeup remover to take the product off. :)

  4. Timeless Rose is a very lovely color. It even works well with my pale skin, as long as I don’t use too much.

    I remove mine with the oil-based makeup remover from Covergirl, which specifically states it removes long-wear lip color, and it works effortlessly.

    Love how this lip color feels on my lips, so lightweight!

    All four colors look fantastic on you, too, by the way! You have lips that wear any color well.

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