Movie Marathon!

Because I was on duty all weekend, I found some extra time to watch some movies! : ) I rarely keep up with new releases, but there were a few interesting ones that I missed while they were still in theaters.

Black Swan: Before watching this film, I hadn’t watched any of its trailers or looked up the plot synopsis. Everything I knew about the movie was from people raving about it on Twitter. So imagine my surprise when I found out from my boyfriend that it was a “psychological thriller” instead of the “lesbian ballerina drama” that I was expecting it to be. XD

To be honest, I was a little disappointed with the story. Yes, the cinematography was amazing, but I feel like the characters could have been developed more. The entire film was focused on Natalie Portman’s character and how unstable she was. I understand that this was the goal, but I was hoping for Mila Kunis’ character to play a larger role than it actually did.

I do give props to the director for keeping up on the edge of our seats. I admit that I was having trouble keeping track of what was real, or what really happened. The plot doesn’t mess with your mind as much as other films do, but it’s still a little unpredictable near the end. Overall, I did enjoy watching Black Swan, and can’t see why anyone wouldn’t.

No Country for Old Men: Michael had been asking me to watch this film with him for weeks! I know it’s a little old (2007), but I never had the chance to see it when it was first released. Again, I was completely uninformed of the basic plot – all I knew was that it was nominated for a great number of awards during its time. I presumed that it would either be about cowboys or politics. Of course, I was wrong. :P

Along with the fact that it was set in 1980’s Texas, I was immediately made uncomfortable with the amount of guns and wide open space in the movie. In fact, I was pretty uncomfortable and frightened during the entire film. Javier Bardem really plays a convincing psychopath killer, strangely reminding me of the one in The Silence of the Lambs. His weapon of choice made the suspense unbearable sometimes, too. If he were wielding a generic weapon like a gun, it definitely wouldn’t have had the same effect on the audience.

Unfortunately, I absolutely hated the ending. I know that the film was based on a book.. but since I have never read it, I wouldn’t know if it played out similarly. The last half hour of the movie could have gone in so many directions, but why it had to end the way it did was really disappointing. Don’t get me wrong, it was still worthy of all its awards, but it just wasn’t for me because I don’t take violence very well when translated into film.

The Kids Are Alright: Unlike the other two films, I had actually watched the trailer for this! The plot revolves around a married lesbian couple and their two children, the biological sperm donor father of the aforementioned children, and the drama that ensues when they meet. I actually liked this movie a lot – it touches on many societal, family, and relationship issues.

The only thing I didn’t like was how some stereotypes and gender roles were reinforced. Yes, they were mild, but nevertheless reminds me of the homonormativity that I studied in my Contemporary Masculinities course last semester. To be honest.. if the film was about a heterosexual couple (as opposed to a homosexual couple) going through the same issues, I don’t think it would have been as successful as this was, only because the plot would have been too dry without the sexual identity aspect.

What movies do you recommend?


4 responses to “Movie Marathon!

  1. Lol, of the three movies, I feel like you enjoyed the junkiest one the most. I think you kind of missed the point with No Country. According to Wikipedia, all that stuff happens in the book too. With Black Swan, there wasn’t really much character to develop with Mila Kunis because she wasn’t the crazy one. Oh well. To each her own :-)

    • No Country For Old Men just wasn’t my kind of movie. XD But I feel that they could have taken Black Swan much further than they actually did. Unfortunately, that would have made the movie 4 hours long. x_x

  2. I really liked Black Swan just because it was just really pretty & had it’s hell night moments, but it’s storyline is pretty direct for David Fincher.

    If you are in the mood for something historical, King’s Speech is rather enjoyable if you like British witty dialogue.

    Something I was recommended to watch as a black comedy/dark comedy whatever you want to call it is In Bruges & Snatch. I rather like Snatch better because it has a Fight Club feel to it to me. In Bruges is interesting, though I think I need to watch it again to appreciate the subtle jokes and odd flow of story.

    I can’t think of anymore at the top of my head, but I’m friends with a bunch of movie lovers & a film major, which is great for me because otherwise I would never watch any type of movie/tv. haha.

    • I’ve wanted to watch The King’s Speech for a while now! I love Helena Bonham Carter. <3 And I'm the same way – I'm constantly out of the loop when it comes to movies and television. XD Thanks for the recommendations! I'll try to find and watch both of them the next time I'm free. : )

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