I’m really good at procrastinating.

I know I said that this weekend was all about me studying, but I really can’t help updating this blog, since it’s become such a regular part of my life. >.<; So even if my physics exam is less than 18 hours away, I ultimately find myself here. : )

When I heard about the new Radiohead album being released last weekend, I was hyped – there are very few artists that can get me this excited about their new music. My boyfriend bought The King of Limbs from their official website, so I was able to have a listen (or three) to its entirety asap, too.

To be honest, it took a couple of listens to get used to their new sound. The album is by no means their best work, but I still found myself enjoying it. Of the eight tracks, my favorites were Little By Little and Lotus Flower. Thom York’s voice is so pretty! <3 Compared to my favorite Radiohead albums, though, (like In Rainbows and Kid AThe King of Limbs is a little boring. For those of you who haven’t heard anything by them, I highly recommend downloading their entire discography!

In other news, I found the most perfect pair of tights at Target the other day. I’ve gone through too many black opaque tights that tear, run, and rip within the second wear! It’s nice to know that a cheap brand like Merona can produce the quality to satisfy me. : ) I bought a pair in size S/M, and they’re the most comfortable tights I’ve ever worn! They’re soft, thick, and not shiny in the sunlight like other brands. The waistband is comfortable, and the color is a true black – it doesn’t have blue or green dye undertones that many “black” tights have. Above is me wearing them to the mall yesterday – it was pretty warm, so I wore them with a dress and my faithful NANA combat boots. ; )

While we were there, we also found a new wallet for my boyfriend at Macy’s!

I also downloaded an app yesterday (I’ve been going crazy with downloading new ones every week) called iLockScreen Maker. I love customizing everything I own, like the icons on my desktop a couple months ago, so I decided to bling up my iPod touch’s lock screen, too. :P

I basically took a picture of me and Michael from last Halloween and added some cool effects and borders. Nothing too fancy. To be honest, this photo might be very temporary just because it’s so gaudy. XD

Lastly, I found this really cute website called Neskaya.net, where they have some of the most adorable emoticons! I couldn’t download from their server, even after registering, probably because it’s an old site that needs tweaking to their system.. so I just right-click-saved. <.<; Expect me to start using them in my newer posts! Here are my favorites:

SO CUTE!! >.<; Now I have to go study. Bye!~


9 responses to “I’m really good at procrastinating.

  1. If I could get a job as a professional procrastinator I would be hired in a second.

  2. Haha, guess you didn’t like the pictures taken with my camera! It’s not an easy point and shoot one like yours, it requires a little more effort :-)

    I am always amazed when you actually buy clothes, and even more amazed when you are happy with them!

    Go study! I need to do work work :-(

    • Tights are more like accessories than clothes to me. :P I promised that I wouldn’t buy clothes until I lose more weight! And yes, I do find your camera a little difficult to use. I prefer mine a whole lot more. <3

  3. improperintegirl

    those emoticons are adorable! i remember this one site i used back in the days when i was using neopets and xanga… they had very similar emoticons.
    and good luck with that physics exam! may the mass*acceleration be with you!

  4. Haha I love Kirsten’s force joke >:D

    I wish you the best of luck with phy-sucks (to the inept like me) otherwise known as physics :(

    Blogging is the greatest way to procrastinate, I have concluded after God knows how many years of having a few haha. I,too, have an exam (in Human Physiology) tomorrow, and I find myself flitting in and out of WordPress & Tumblr :P

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