Origami! :3

Since my boyfriend is a beast at origami, I decided to begin learning how to make some! Which is great timing, too, since my floor’s new door decorations are due this weekend. ; ) At first, I really wanted to make every suite an adorable Japanese yukata-wearing paper doll like this:

That was the plan, until I realized that they would definitely be too time-consuming and detailed. I might make a simpler version next month, though! I ultimately decided on making sailboats after finding this tutorial floating around the internet, mostly because it looked cute and easy to make! (click to enlarge)

So I headed over to Michael’s (the craft store, not the boyfriend) yesterday to buy some origami paper! Unfortunately, I completely forgot about the 40% off coupon I had. :'( The paper was pretty cheap, though. I bought a pack of 100 solid colored sheets for only $4.99! In Flushing, they run for about $4 for a pack of 24. Of course, those papers are higher quality, but I was going more for quantity since I had to make one for all 39 of my residents.

Here is what the finished product should look like:

After two hours, I made enough to fill up an entire Converse shoe box! : )

For the past couple of weeks, many of my old cupcake decorations have been getting torn down by someone. =/ Hopefully, my residents will appreciate all the fun and creative things I do for them and leave these untouched!

For those of you interested in the modular origami that my boyfriend Michael makes, here’s one of the photos that he uploaded onto Facebook:

Really cool, huh? Until next time! ^o^


7 responses to “Origami! :3

  1. The yukata origami is by far the prettiest thing I have ever seen.

  2. Lol – “the craft store, not the boyfriend”. I may buy paper online. May be cheaper.

  3. Hi Kristina :) I’m one of your residents and I love the sailboats you made us, they’re so cute! (sorry this is so randomly late, I just found your blog!) The decorations being ripped down is not a new thing, it happened last semster too saddly :( but I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the boats will last! The cupcake you made for me and my roommate Geunhwa is on the door inside our suite :D Also, your blog is great, super kawaii ^.^

    • Awww, thank you! <3 At first, I thought the ripping down of door decs and pieces of my bulletin board was a personal attack. It's a little comforting to know that it isn't, but still unacceptable if they plan to keep doing it while I'm around. =/ Hopefully, I'll catch them one day!

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