Brother’s 15th Birthday Party!! :D

As the title suggests, I spent the past weekend at home to celebrate my brother’s 15th birthday. : ) I was really excited to give him his presents because I knew he’d love them! First, I bought him a Keep Calm and Carry On journal from Barnes & Noble – because he loves to write. I also bought him a 3D puzzle-model of the Temple of Heaven and a large Gamer Lingo poster from Michael’s.

Of course, I also wanted to be creative with the packaging. ; ) I bought a plain white paper bag and decorated the entire front with markers! I’m not very good at drawing, so please don’t judge. XD

For his party, I cooked two desserts: triple chocolate brownies, and an almond-vanilla gelatin with lychee fruit. Everyone thought they were both very delicious! Check it out:

I’m really glad my brother started his puzzle right away, too! I was really surprised that it only took him 2.5 hours to complete, despite the kit not coming with any instructions. It would have taken me much longer. >.<;

I’m glad to have spent some quality time with him this weekend, especially since I won’t be coming home again for another five weeks. Until next time! ^o^


7 responses to “Brother’s 15th Birthday Party!! :D

  1. Ah! It looks so cool! I wish mine were easy enough that I can do it in 2.5 hours. I’m gonna have to really spend some time working on it this week :-)

    Glad the party was fun! And lol your brownies didn’t cool before you removed them from the pan. I’ve done that before. On purpose.

  2. aw I hope he had a great birthday :)

  3. That bag design is adorable!! Do you mind if I steal your idea for the next time I give a present to Scott?!
    Well its not like you can stop me.. but it is more polite if I ask XD

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