McDonald’s Offers Healthier Options?

When I think of McDonald’s, I immediately have flashbacks to three things:
1) The role of Happy Meals (and the toys that came with them) in my childhood.
2) Going on long road trips and stopping by one to eat and use the restroom.
3) Watching Super Size Me in my high school health class, and feeling disgusted.

It’s no secret that McDonald’s has earned a reputation over the years for being the most unhealthy (although most popular) fast food chain in the country. To be honest, I haven’t really eaten at one since middle school. Since then, I must have missed all the changes they’ve undergone. Apparently, they’re targeting a more health-conscious audience now.

Yesterday, Michael and I had lunch at the local McDonald’s – I was very surprised with how many healthy options they offer now, compared to what the menu was like in my childhood! I ordered their new Fruit & Maple Oatmeal and Strawberry Banana Smoothie, both of which tasted better than I expected – they were actually really good! At first I was skeptical, but the nutrition information on their website convinced me that it was legitimate. Their marketing team does a great job at advertising their new direction, too.

I still try to maintain my Lose it! diet, but it’s becoming more and more difficult to stay under 790 calories every day. And although I’m not as strict with it anymore, it does make me feel great to choose healthier alternatives. I may actually consider becoming a pescatarian while I’m a school – mostly because they serve low-quality chicken & beef on my campus. What do you guys think?


8 responses to “McDonald’s Offers Healthier Options?

  1. My mom likes their coffee and salads. I think their fries are wonderful :-) Glad you were able to find something healthy.

    As for becoming a pescatarian, like you said, I would consider it only at school. Their food is quite bad for you. But the chicken I had for dinner tonight couldn’t have been more than 200 calories. Even sausage and beef isn’t horrible for you in moderation. Just the school’s is.

    • Maybe I’ll just start buying Lean Cuisine (or other similar frozen dinners) and microwave it in your suite so we can still have meals together. Their meat dishes aren’t that bad, I think. Let’s check out the Kelly fish market soon! :3

  2. I think I had a birthday party at one of the fancy ball-pit McDonalds when I was like 5 years old.

  3. Haha actually it’s pretty sick but the only time I crave McDonalds is when I see/watch SuperSize me. Odd, odd complex there. It’s interesting that they have new health options to broaden their market, but I’m sure some extra sugar and processing still makes their way into each item. Still, a better attempt than before!

    I’ve never thought of becoming pescatarian! It would be uber difficult for me because all I eat is chicken and turkey for my protein! Along with other veggies and such :) But if the food at your school is not very good quality meat, and there is no available fresh meat market near you for groceries, it sounds like a good option then. Just make sure to get that protein in especially when you have your period :/

    • I love turkey! Unfortunately, the only quality turkey on my campus is the deli, which is at the furthest dining facility from where I live. :( There’s a salad bar at every main cafeteria, though, so at least beans and tuna salad will be available to me at all times. I wish they offered a wider selection of fruits, too – I would totally jump on that.

  4. improperintegirl

    You know.. I don’t eat fast food that often. I mean McDonald’s is the most famous but Burger King and Wendy’s are just as bad >.>
    I only like two things from McDonalds, the bacon egg and cheese biscuit breakfast sandwich and the fillet o’ fish on occasion. I can’t stand BK’s fish sandwich because it’s greasier. I never saw super size me, but if you eat all of your meals from fast food places you are an idiot -_- I have more of an issue with all of their animal products coming from factory farms (something i’m very much against).

    Going pescatarian while on campus doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Just make sure the fish you eat isn’t fried.. it not only ruins the flavor, but the nutrients as well!!!

    • I don’t eat much fast food at all – but the most accessible for me would be McDonald’s. I used to love BK’s whoppers, though! But I agree that people who get fat/obese from fast food chains are usually at fault for their own decisions.

      And my campus just opened two locations that cook your choice of fish however you want it! I’m very excited about going pescatarian. : )

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