Cat Physics > Physics

Since the $225 I receive for being an RA finally transferred into my bookstore account, I was finally able to buy textbooks! Of course, they were way overpriced, since all the used copies were already sold out. :'( At least I get about half my money back at the end of the semester.  >.<;

My classes have actually been going pretty well. The only one that I’m worried about is Physics 131. =/ My professor is amazing – he’s funny, thorough, and passionate. It really makes up for the fact that I have to wake up at 6:30am every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to attend his 8:30am lecture. I also think the labs are actually fun! But the material is just something I can’t grasp quickly enough – it’s no secret that I’m terrible at math (especially calculus) and science! I try my best, but problems like these give me headaches:

Click to enlarge!

OR “The sun sets, fully disappearing over the horizon as you lie on the beach, your eyes 30cm above the sand. You immediately jump up, your eyes now 130cm above the sand, and you can see the top of the sun. If you count the number of seconds (=t) until the sun fully disappears again, you can estimate the radius of the earth. Use the known radius of the earth to calculate t.”

And it’s only going to get more difficult from here! :< Fortunately, there are easier ways to do physics – one of them just happens to be an app I downloaded last week called Cat Physics. : ) When I got it, the app was free, but apparently it costs $0.99 now. >.<; The goal is to use directional arrows and angles to get the ball from one cat to the other. Of course, there are obstacles and every level becomes increasingly difficult. Unfortunately, I’m stuck at level 75. :( It’s really fun and addicting, though. Here’s a screen shot from my iPod touch. For some reason, the image quality was reduced – that’s why it looks a little pixelated. o_O

Speaking of science, I’m sure you guys have heard of the Jeopardy IBM Challenge.. right? If not, click here to watch the first round from yesterday – I assure you it’s worth watching. I was very impressed by how quickly the machine could process language and information. To be honest, I thought the human brain would have had the advantage over Watson! Be sure to watch the other videos on YouTube. : ) Until next time!


5 responses to “Cat Physics > Physics

  1. Don’t worry! The tests are far easier than the homeworks :-) And they are mostly based on review problems so that helps. <3 Cat Physics.

    P.S. Started watching today's Watson Jeopardy match. There was one category about classical Etudes. I knew them all before he even finished saying the question xD.

    • Haha. I saw that category, too! And I instantly thought of you. : ) And it’s very reassuring to know that exams will be easier than these monster homeworks. x_x Help me with Cat Physics tomorrow!

  2. I’m so sorry for the Physics. I have the same Giancoli textbook. My friend sold hers, so now she’s borrowing it for the MCATs while someone else borrows it for another Physics course. Ew. The best way to beat physics is know what units you are working with and how to manipulate them to match the answer’s units. Doing this I went from getting a D to an A- XD Practice also makes perfect :P

  3. improperintegirl

    Those questions are way too flowery. But I can see the entertainment value they would give the professor. The best advice I can give you is to draw a picture of every single problem.. then it’s easier to work out what forces are where and what you need to find. Do you have a formula sheet on exams? That can make your life much easier. If not you need to memorize or make a cheat sheet.

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