Bliss: An Early Valentine’s Day Celebration

Because Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday this year, Michael and I decided to celebrate it a little bit early this weekend! And since his mother was nice enough to give him a very generous gift certificate to a local restaurant called Bliss, we went out to dinner there tonight. : )

Bliss is a classy French-American restaurant and bar located in East Setauket, just two minutes from our college campus. If you want to read a more thorough review of the restaurant and dishes, check out Michael’s food blog post here! Inside, they had a very romantic setup and ambient environment. I especially loved the tasteful framed photography on the walls – I hope to someday do something similar when I have my own house or apartment.

As an appetizer we had Tuna Sashimi and Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes, and for my entrée I ordered the Free Range Chicken Breast – which came with this amazing cornbread-sausage stuffing with cinnamon and golden raisins. SO DELICIOUS. The best part was how rich everything was.. I could literally taste every individual ingredient. *drools*

For dessert, I had the Banana Chocolate Cheesecake. It was the perfect end to what I can confidently say was easily one of the best (and most expensive) meals I’ve had in my life. I probably won’t be coming back again, though. :P

And if you guys noticed, I have a new blog photo! It’s also my new Facebook profile picture, too. :P Someone finally noticed that the reason I Photoshop cute little designs into the corner of many of my pictures is to cover my armpits! Hahaha. I seriously love the way these circle lenses look on me, though.

Until next time! ^o^


6 responses to “Bliss: An Early Valentine’s Day Celebration

  1. Glad you enjoyed the meal :-) Don’t get used to it though. Next time: Subway! xD

  2. improperintegirl

    All of that food looks delicious.. and the place looks really nice. But Scott and I probably won’t be going there as it’s both expensive and bit out of the way for us to get to XD

  3. Looks so delish! That chicken is to die for. I love meat & raisins! And as usual your circle lens make you look even cuter than usual :D

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