My intolerance for frumpiness.

Before I get into my rant, I just wanted to share two things that I purchased from a makeup vendor on my campus today. Every Thursday, these two women set up shop in the Student Activities Center of Stony Brook University. Most of the makeup they sell is either limited edition or discontinued products and shades – all for 50% off! :o

First, I bought a really cheap brush for $2.00. I’ve never heard of Jerome Alexander before, but I figured it would be decent for blending my eyeshadow. Second, because my current pink blush has been getting really chalky, and was always too light for me anyway, I was looking for a suitable replacement. Imagine how pleased I was to find that they carried some items by MAC! Typically, blush from MAC Cosmetics retails for $19.50 – a price I’m not willing to pay. Fortunately, the vendor was selling them for only $8.00. ; ) I picked out Ambering Rose, a sheertone shimmer shade, to be my first official MAC product.

Ambering Rose is a deep pink-red shade with gold shimmer – almost like the color of a sunset. My last blush was a cooler pink that would fade within an hour or two after application, so it’s nice to finally have a warmer shade that gives my tanned skin a natural flush. MAC is a very well-known brand, too, so I’m not worried about the quality. And because this stuff is so pigmented, it’s easy to pick up too much product, so I have to use a much lighter hand. The product itself is very soft and blendable. I might just become a MAC fan after this! :P

Now, an explanation for the title of this post..

frump: A girl or woman regarded as dull, plain, unfashionable, or unattractive.

One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing people that wear giant baggy sweatpants (or pajama pants) in public. I see it all the time on my campus. What’s even worse is when girls tie their unwashed hair into “messy buns”, put on a huge pullover hoodie, and tuck the aformentioned sweatpants or pajama pants into dirty Ugg boots, while carrying a $500 purse. How lazy can you be?!

Believe me when I say this outfit (that I put together in Polyvore) isn’t as cute when you see someone wear it in real life. =/ I just don’t think it’s appropriate for people to be out in public and earning their education dressed like this. I mean, I don’t expect students to come to class in business casual clothing, but wearing a pair of nice jeans at the least isn’t asking for a lot. So stepping out of your car, dressed like you just woke up, at 3:30 in the afternoon really irks me. There’s no excuse for that. My earliest class is at 8:30am, and I’m proud to say that I make the effort to wake up at 6:45-7:00am to take a shower and get ready before that 20-minute walk across campus.

I may just be overreacting, though. How do you guys feel about this?


13 responses to “My intolerance for frumpiness.

  1. I can appreciate not showing up to class dressed like that. Personally, it’s always been a dream of mine to either attend a mass or go to a diner at night in my pajamas and fuzzy bunny slippers, but there’s a time and place for everything. The middle of the afternoon isn’t it; it’s called evening wear for a reason. ;)

  2. Haha, it’s fine. When I’m invited to an occasion where the dress code is vague, I prefer to be overdressed than under dressed. :P And I would only do something like that with you! <3 Diner, yes?

  3. When i get famous, I should hire you to do a little shopping for me. I know you are more into makeup, but a sense of style usually comes along with that. As it stands now, I am the rapper known as “Frump Master Flex”.

  4. I loathe Uggs and PJs to class. Hell, I work and go to class with chemicals and stains practically every day for longer than 8 hours a day, and even then I find time to dress like a normal human being. I may not walk out everyday looking like a super model, but I at least look presentable enough to not be embarrassed if I run into friends, old acquaintances, or heaven forbid talk to a professor or another professional.

    People always ask me why I make extra effort to “look cute” or “dress up” for Fridays and morning exams/presentation days. Simply put the way you look translates to how you feel and how you present yourself. And if you feel good, you can best believe you will put forth the attitude to go through the day with enthusiasm and your best effort. But it could also be the weird psychology I’ve built up to combat school stress.

    • It’s becoming much more commonplace on my campus. I would understand if it were 7:30 in the morning, but I sometimes see girls arriving on campus at 5:30pm. >.<; Perhaps it's only out of habit that I like to look presentable at all times, but I do agree that how you present yourself really affects your outlook towards your day/life/challenge ahead of you.

  5. improperintegirl

    I think they put effort into looking that messy >.>
    A friend of mine who went to NYU said hipster/frumpy girls would purposely spend time putting eyeliner on and then smearing it so that it looked like they just rolled out of bed wearing the makeup they had on the day before.
    Personally I think it’s very stupid, but I’ve been trying not to judge people >.<

    • Perhaps – I’ve seen hipsters do that, too. I really don’t mean to judge, but I just don’t think it’s very respectful to attend the courses that you’re paying thousand of dollars in a pair of pajamas. =/ I equate it to wearing jeans when you work an office job or internship.

  6. I’ve probably only wear this in public during finals week when I do have an early exam on one of those days. But overall, I always wear a pair of jeans.

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