Trend Alert: Rompers

Rompers are a cross between a dress and a pair of shorts, usually loose and cinched at the waist. They were huge during the Spring/Summer of 2010, and show no sign of going out of style this next season! Personally, I think they’re super fun and flirty – they can be dressed down in warmer weather with a pair of sandals, or dressed up in the Fall with black tights and a cardigan. I would imagine that they would suit every body type, too. ; ) Because I’ve recently become obsessed with Love Culture, for their affordable prices and great selection, I’ve chosen six cute rompers from their website to show you guys!

I hope to buy myself one in time for 60-degree weather! (Which may not occur for another two months.) And I’m crossing my fingers that short-sleeved styles will be more widely available, since I have very broad shoulders. But because I prefer to try on clothes in-store before buying them, as opposed to ordering online, I won’t be purchasing any of the above. :'( The closest Love Culture is in Queens Center Mall, which is about a 1.5 hour drive from my school. I might check out the nearby outlets for something similar, though. : )

And in other news, I gave in and ordered these sandals and sunglasses from Love Culture. Both were so cute, I couldn’t resist. <3 Can’t you tell that I’m way too excited for Spring? Hopefully, they get shipped to my new dorm address without any problems. Until next time! ^o^


7 responses to “Trend Alert: Rompers

  1. Ive always wanted to try the trend, but my meaty man-thighs prevent me from wanting to :(
    I adore the chest ruffles on the first image, and love the floral ones too. :((
    We should try em together<3

  2. Yeah. I’m on office duty for a couple days that week, and it wouldn’t be practical to go home for a day then come back. =/

  3. I love the last two rompers!!! But sadly I have a really weirdly proportioned body. My torso is longest part of my body, but it’s not slender enough, and my legs are like freaking columns haha.

    • I have a similar problem! I don’t have a very defined waistline, and very self-conscious of it, but I would imagine that rompers would still work on us because they’re drapey and give an hourglass illusion!

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