Yearning for Spring

Apart from yesterday being my boyfriend’s 21st birthday, we also had one of the nicest days (weather-wise) in what seems like forever! Unfortunately, it will disappear as quickly as it arrived – Long Island is due for snow again later this week. :< A girl can dream of warmer weather, right? Especially when all my favorite stores are already stocking up on Spring trends and fashion.

I love the look of soft, light colors and floral patterns. I already have quite a few floral pieces from last year, since it will always be a classic Spring trend, so I don’t think I’ll be updating my wardrobe in this aspect any time soon. But it’s good to know that the days of me living in darker Fall-Winter colors will be coming to an end.

Additionally, my current leatherette grey/beige/taupe tote bag that I use to carry my school books will definitely be out of place once Spring rolls around. So I’m currently on the lookout for a slightly smaller, more colorful tote! Preferably sturdy and under $30. : ) I really love both of these. <3

I’ve also been on the hunt for a stud earring set that has a variety of different designs – but every time I visit Claire’s or Icing, all the pretty ones (like the two sets pictured above) seem to already be sold out. :( I lose all my earrings so easily and quickly, mostly because I have six total ear piercings and I get bored of wearing the same pairs every day. So I switch them up regularly, often resulting in lost jewelry. >.<; If any of you guys know any accessory stores that sell sets like these, do tell. : ) Until next time! ^o^


6 responses to “Yearning for Spring

  1. Sorry about the earrings. I don’t know where else we can get them! P.S. That model in the first picture looks 12 :3

  2. I think forever 21 sells studs in bunches, but not unique ones typically :P

    ahhhh i can’t wait for spring either. i’ve been wearing my darker floral flowy shirts every day it hasn’t snowed and the temperature is above 30 degrees to prep for spring. i’m so done with winter!

  3. improperintegirl

    I want spring so bad x_x
    Hearing the running water from all of the snow melting hasn’t passed either. And I get excited when I see little patches of grass where snow has melted.
    I actually thought it was spring for a split second the other day. I was in class and it was warm, and then I heard birds outside. Then I remembered it wasn’t spring and got sad. This winter is making my life pathetic!!
    And I’m tired of wearing long sleeved shirts everyday!!

    Also, I’ve seen them sell clusters of studs in Macy’s, JCPenny and Kohl’s. They can end up being pretty cheap if you get them when they’re on sale and use a coupon XD.

    • Thankfully, some of the snow is melting in my area. There’s been a lot of warm sunshine, too! I don’t own any long-sleeved shirts, I just layer a lot. XD And I’ll check out those stores as soon as I can. I don’t want my piercings to close up. >.<;

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