I’m good at losing things.

So.. I’m usually good at organizing my things, and knowing where I left them. But I lost my E.L.F. eyelash curler the other day. :'( It wasn’t that big of a loss, since it only costed me a dollar. So I ran over to Target in hopes of replacing it. I picked up the NYC eyelash curler instead because it was cheap and purple!

I also had to buy another eyebrow pencil because the last one I bought turned out to be SHIMMERY in sunlight. Which just won’t do. The Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown is a warm, matte shade that matches well with my new hair color. I also bought a bottle of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula, since I ran out of moisturizer for my face. I first fell in love with it last semester when I borrowed some from my roommate. It smells deliciously like chocolate!!! <3 Cocoa butter is also proven to even out skin tone, a property which I desperately need. It’s also super cheap at $4! ;D

And did I mention that I held my first social program as an RA last Wednesday? The image above is the flyer that I used to advertise it around my building. It made me so happy when over 20 residents decided to join me. I was honestly only expecting about four or five. >.<;

And speaking of being an RA, I’m getting more and more comfortable with the position. What’s annoying, though, is that I’m on duty this weekend – which means I’m not allowed to leave my building from 8:30am on Saturday until 7pm on Sunday. :( But I don’t think it’ll be so bad. My boyfriend already promised that he’ll bring me back food, and keep me company. We’re actually going to hook up his PS2 to the tv in the office and play Dark Cloud! It was one of my favorite games as a kid, and replaying it just relives such good memories. : )

And remember that cute app for my iPod touch that I keep raving about? Well, FACE-LOOK has just released their Valentine’s Day pack for free! The new frames and stamps are just too adorable.

Although I’m completely aware that Valentine’s Day is just another Hallmark holiday, I still want to do something special with Michael. We’re not sure what we’re doing yet, though. What are you doing with your significant other or friends on V-Day?


6 responses to “I’m good at losing things.

  1. improperintegirl

    Valentine’s day isn’t a Hallmark holiday. St. Valentino was a martyr.. well one of them. He married people when the person in charge didn’t want young men getting married so they’d make better soldiers or something. Corporations went and commercialized it just like they did Christmas and Easter and Halloween and St. Patrick’s Day!

    I have no idea what I’m doing with Scott… just the present that I’m making him. He did say he was going to take me out to dinner somewhere, but where is a mystery (I actually don’t think he even knows) XD Hope you and Michael have fun!!!

    • That may have been the way it originated, but it’s no longer celebrated that way. It’s just an excuse for couples to buy each other gifts and show their love, when they can just as easily do it any other day of the year.

      I hope you guys have fun, too!

  2. I loved Dark Cloud! The genie chick was my favorite character to play as.

    Nothing says “Happy Valentine’s Day” like a home-cooked din din, but that’s just me :)

    • She was always my favorite character, too! Michael’s mom was generous enough to give us a gift certificate for a nice restaurant nearby, so I’m pretty sure that’s where we’ll be going. : )

  3. I’m actually enjoying Dark Cloud, like I never thought I would. Look what you’ve done to me! D:::::::

    Also, your Mario Kart program was nice :-) I liked the ice cream <3

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