Garnier Nutrisse: #100 Extra Light Natural Blonde (Chamomile)

I know that I promised to buy that special bleach for dark Asian hair – but my budget really couldn’t handle buying two boxes ($13 each) plus shipping from Amazon. :'( Since I recently had a talk with a platinum blonde friend about how she maintains her hair, she promised me that any big drugstore brand would do, as long as I deep condition daily until it’s back to it’s regular state. Heat-styling is out of the question for at least a week, too.

The bleach I used this time is made by Garnier Nutrisse (my favorite brand) in #100 Chamomile. It’s described as an “Extra Light Natural Blonde”. My boyfriend did the application for me, to make sure it would come out as even as possible. Of course, I was afraid to leave it in for too long, so I washed it all out after 15-20 mins.

It really evened out the color, and people have told me that it looks significantly lighter than before. It really all depends on what kind of lighting I’m under. The tips are pretty blonde, though. But I’m sure these photos aren’t 100% accurate, especially since I haven’t been able to take any pictures with natural or indoor light. (Mostly because of this awful, icy, cloudy weather.) And excuse my silly pose below, I was scratching my arm. XD

I’ve always longed for lighter hair that wouldn’t clash with my tan skin tone. Depending on how I feel about this new shade in a couple weeks, I may or may not decide to go lighter. :P Here are a few photos of some blonde Asians that make me terribly envious. Don’t forget that you can click on them to enlarge!

What do you guys think about Asians with blonde hair? What range of shades do you think look best ? Orange-toned, platinum, strawberry, ash?


11 responses to “Garnier Nutrisse: #100 Extra Light Natural Blonde (Chamomile)

  1. improperintegirl

    I like blonde hair on Asians if it’s done right. Most often I see it on Korean guys (yes more than girls) and they have it wrong, its not that they don’t pull it off, it’s just too extreme for me. But I like those pictures you put up.My favorite dyed Asian hairstyle is red or blonde streaks on black hair.. it just works so awesomely XD

  2. I agree with the comment above. It can look really really terrible if a color clashes terribly with someone’s skin tone. I’ve always liked the ash colors for myself, though they wouldnt fit right. :(

    The chamomile color looks like it lightened your hair a lot! For a dye, thats pretty significant (without bleach?).

    I am gathering items for your care package as we speak. :)

    • I’m so excited! :D And this box did contain some bleach, but I don’t think it was the strong kind. :'( The last time I used hardcore Hot Topic bleach, I lost almost half the length of my hair. >.<;

  3. i actually like more honey blonde versus platinum shades on asian girls. i actually like the way your hair color turned out a lot! :)

  4. I totally love this blog. :)

    I was just wondering: what would happen if I put light blonde in my virgin black roots? Other than my roots, my hair is dyed a brown black.
    You seem like an expert when it comes to hair dye, so I thought I’d ask you. :)

    • Why, thank you! <3 As for your question, I can totally relate. My roots are naturally black. In my experience, virgin hair will always lighten quicker than dyed hair of a similar shade. Most likely, if you put light blonde in, your roots will be slightly lighter than your brown-black hair. Sunlight tends to lighten dyed hair color within a few weeks, though, so it will all get evened out eventually. : ) Good luck!

  5. Sounds like a plan… although I have tried doing a strand test with the light blonde and only one strand of hair turned completely white/silver. How can I avoid my hair from turning into this color?

  6. Usually, hair will turn white/silver because: 1) The strand was damaged to begin with, and was stripped down to nothing, OR 2) It was overprocessed, and was saturated with more bleach than the other strands.

    If you apply bleach to your entire head, this will be bound to happen with some strands – but it will barely be noticeable. : )

    • Oh! So that is why. Thanks!

      How long do I have to dye my [black] roots to make sure that they are not overprocessed [ white or silver]?

  7. Because your roots are the healthiest part of your hair, you shouldn’t worry about them turning white/silver. Just check your bleach job every couple of minutes – if it’s lightening faster than the rest of your hair, wash out just the roots when it turns into the color you want.

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