RA Training

Last Tuesday, I moved back onto campus for 4 days of training to be a Resident Assistant at my University. It would be an understatement to say that it’s intense. Because I have been moved into a different building, I had to move all my things from my old room into my new one. Although it took hours for me to settle into my new living space, it’s very satisfying to know that I no longer have to share a bathroom with five other girls! It’s just me and my roommate now. : )

During this time, I made cupcake-themed door decorations for my residents!

I’m really pleased with how cute they came out! I drew the outline in Photoshop, printed a bunch of copies, then colored them in by hand with markers.

I also had to create a fun and informational bulletin board on my floor. Because the theme I chose was chemistry, I picked out some of the more common substances that college students abuse – caffeine (coffee, energy drinks),  nicotine (cigarettes), ethanol (alcoholic beverages), aspartame (“diet” foods and sodas), ibuprofen (pain killers), etc. I then listed some fun facts, as well as the dangers of each. I even included pictures of the molecule structures! XD And in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I also posted up some information on the “scientific chemistry” behind the attraction between two people.

If you guys are interested in some of the information, I can send you the .pdf file – just comment and say so. : ) The other section of my bulletin board was dedicated to informational pamphlets on HPV, STDs, and staying safe on campus.

I also received my staff shirt today! :D

My favorite part of training was when we had to roleplay worst-case-scenario incidents that happen in the residence halls – parties, illegal drug use, discrimination, etc. I’m just letting you guys know that I’ll be very busy for a while. I’ll keep posting whenever I can, but they will be far less frequent now. The number of meetings and events that I have to attend in this first week alone are crazy. Wish me luck!


18 responses to “RA Training

  1. Exhausting, but all worth it! Free housing, and plenty of experience in crazy situations will come in handy one day.

  2. improperintegirl

    congrats!! i lol’d at how the cupcake signs you chose to show were ones with guys’ names on them XD

    also i’d love to read that .pdf file!!

  3. Hey, I just got a job as an RA at my university for next year and found your this page of your site. I love the cupcake door tags and College Chem. board! If you could send me the PDF file I would appreciate it SO much!

  4. Hey! I really want to do the cupcake themed door decs? Could you please send me the pdf. My email is brithall@uga.edu

  5. I absolutely love this, if you can send me a PDF with your college chemistry info It would be a great help for me!

  6. Hi I don’t know if you still check this but could you send me the cupcake door dec pdf? my email is lydiawayne10@augustana.edu. Thanks!

  7. I’d love to use this PDF if you’re offering! hargreavesar@hollins.edu

  8. This is cool will you send me the PDF ywg813@mocs.utc.edu

  9. Hello I was interested in your v-day bulletin board. Could I use it for my bulletin board in February?

  10. Hi Kristina! I really like your ideas for the door decs and the bulletin board, is there any way I could get your PDF for both? Than kyou very much in advance

  11. If you are still emailing these out, can I have the PDF for it? My email is stronga6@msu.edu

    thanks so much! they’re so cute!

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