Adventures in Chinatown

I’ll try to make this brief, since I’m completely exhausted..

I spent the entire day walking around Manhattan in the freezing cold with my brother and his friends. We started in Chinatown and ended up in St. Mark’s. Some of the more significant details and locations include..

Chinatown Fair, the local video arcade on 8 Mott Street.
This place was packed with competitive gamers and tourists alike. There were a ton of different games, and it was nice to see some lesser known arcade machines, like BlazBlue. There was an entire section dedicated to Street Fighter, too! And let’s not forget the three Dance Dance Revolution machines all the way in the back. ; )

ABC Chinese Restaurant, on 34 Pell Street.
We pretty much headed over to the closest restaurant once the cold was too much for us. It was surprisingly good here. My only complaint is that the prices for the Lunch Special posted outside are outdated, since they have risen by $2-3 in the actual menu. I ordered Shrimp in Lobster Sauce over steamed white rice. The actual portion came in a large bowl, and contained about eight times more than what’s on this plate!

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, on 65 Bayard Street.
Apparently, this place has a rich history as being one of Chinatown’s oldest businesses. Either way, they have a great selection in exotic flavors. I had some of their mango ice cream. So good!

A billboard that stood out to me during our trek.

St. Mark’s Place
We were initially going to tough it out and walk the ridiculous distance to Times Square after passing through Little Italy, but I deemed it almost impossible. Our final stop was a McDonald’s, where the boys bought 120 chicken nuggets. -_-;

My brother, trying to spin the Cube at Astor Place.

It was understandable that were were all tired. We had been walking for a total of five hours, not including breaks, after all. We headed back to my house to kick back and play a ton of video games. But not before I grabbed a Grande Nonfat White Chocolate Mocha at Starbucks! :P I was really impressed that my barista knew that my name began with a K, without me even specifying. : )

This may have potentially been my last day in New York City for a long while. Although I do plan on visiting home every couple of weeks, I may not be able to roam about like today until Spring Break. :'( At least it will be much warmer then. Until next time! ^o^


2 responses to “Adventures in Chinatown

  1. You’re looking good. I want to eat you for dinner.

  2. Even though I already ate.

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