EOS Adult Pink

Today, I received a free pair of circle lenses from MyCandyEyes for promoting them in my last review. It only took four days for them to arrive this time! Because I knew these would come at no cost to me, I decided to be daring and pick out a bolder style and color. The pair that I requested was the EOS Adult Pink lenses.

Design (5/10) This pair features a faded black limbal ring, and a gradient of color to clear towards the pupils. Up close, this gradient looks very grainy, which upset me at first. But from a conversational distance, it blends well with my dark eye color. They’re very dramatic, in a different way from most circle lenses. Not only do they look very unnatural, but in my opinion they also make your eyes look angry/mean/serious/sexy. (Even when I smile, I look angry!) Unfortunately, this isn’t the kind of look I’m going for. The lenses make my already strong features look more prominent, instead of softening them. There isn’t much of an enlarging effect, either, if at all.

Color (6/10) When I requested this color, I thought the shade would be darker. To my surprise they come out to be a pale, pastel pink. Now, this would look absolutely gorgeous on me if I had fairer skin. Unfortunately, I’m naturally tan, and the contrast between my darker skin with these lighter lenses looks a little scary and demonic! And personally.. I don’t think they match the current color of my hair, either. These lenses are definitely meant to be balanced out with heavy, dark eye makeup and false eyelashes.

Comfort (8/10) These lenses are no more or less comfortable than my other pairs have been. I actually think they may be less drying!

It’s such a shame that my face doesn’t go very well with these lenses. But if you have fair skin, and softer features, by all means purchase a pair in this style! : )


5 responses to “EOS Adult Pink

  1. I actually like it a bit more now that I look again. I think with less eye liner it might work. Too much contrast in that bottom picture.

    • It looks much worse without heavy eyeliner! :'( You can decide for yourself once I see you in one week. I can work it with the right clothes and makeup, but everything I have here at home are in Fall/Winter colors.

  2. improperintegirl

    how’d they find out about your blog and offer you a free pair?

    also, in the last picture you kind of look like one of those pretty humanoid girl demons that show up from time to time in Angel. they’d definitely be great at a convention with the right make up =D
    i didn’t mean that to be offensive, but sorry if it was. in my defense my makeup knowledge is pretty much limited to costumes XD

    • I saw the promotion on their website, sent them a link to my blog, and they e-mailed me back! :D And don’t worry, it wasn’t offensive. Haha. I might actually dress up as something demon-y for Anime Boston, if I’m still going this spring!

  3. In the photos, I think that with the long eyelashes, they make your eyes look very feminine. Or you could just have pretty eyes.

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