What’s been up with me?

I might make these sort of posts a normal thing – it’s always nice to keep track of personal goals and doings, especially with a blog that doesn’t delve too deeply into my personal life. : ) With two more weeks left of winter break, I’ve been working a lot lately. Since I probably won’t have any time to work during the next semester, mostly due to that physics course I’m taking, I might as well save up now for any potential spending in the near future. (I’m bad with money, can’t you tell?)

Apart from that, I’ve started watching True Blood again, upon insistence by several of my girlfriends. It’s a dark, sexy, HBO drama about vampires. And although some of the acting and plot lines may be lame and cliché, it’s still a pretty fun series to watch. I downloaded season one a while ago, but never bothered to keep up. But I’ve been streaming the other two seasons for the past week. Eric Northman has to be my favorite character. <3

I also plan to rearrange and paint my room this week. My mother and I went to Home Depot the other day to pick out paint in a color I like. I ultimately went with a soft, rich purple called Chinese Violet by Behr with an eggshell finish. When I told my friend James that I was going to start painting soon, he offered to help, so I might just take him up on that.

As I’ve already mentioned in a previous post, I just recently had my viola’s A-string replaced. Since I haven’t played in over two years, all my muscle memory is gone. :'( I’ve been working on three Viola Method exercise books by Eugenio Cavallini, though. Hopefully, I’ll get my technique back in a matter of weeks. I may even make time during the school semester to practice regularly again!

My level 21 Force Blader! :D

Lastly, I’ve been playing a free mmoprg called Cabal. Although I don’t play often, nor do I plan on taking it too seriously, it’s a good way for me to relax. The game is enjoyable because my character can use physical and magical attacks equally, instead of committing to one or the other. I’ve heard that it gets more exciting as you progress further, but for my noob-status level, it hasn’t been more than “receive a quest, kill x number of monsters, complete quest, defeat occasional dungeon.”

I know that prior to winter break, I was impatient to go home and do whatever I want in a stress-free environment. But I think it’s been long enough – I’m ready to get back into the swing of going to classes. Only two more weeks left, though! I can’t wait. : )


8 responses to “What’s been up with me?

  1. I can’t wait for our duet. Should be fun and interesting! Strange to paint your room right before you go back to school, buy I guess it’ll be ready for you next summer then!

    Oh, and your lvl 21 force bladder is nothing compared to my lvl 84 Vaan. :-)

  2. PS have fun with that chord at the end of the first exercise :-)

  3. Isn’t that B-G-E? Noob :P That would make it an e-minor chord. How do you even play three notes at once on a viola? Youtubing nao.

  4. Enjoy your final weeks off! I know you’ll be missing them when you get back to school haha. Although staying home for a week makes me restless, so I can understand why you are so eager for school again.

    Btw, I am so so sorry you have to take physics, also. Then again you are probably better at it than I am, but when I took my core physics courses I was always frustrated (though I got better at it at the end & finally got a good grade).

    Good luck!

  5. Kimmy, I still has your Christmas present! O: If you’re free Saturday, I’m doing a small get together with Penguin and my cousin. You should come by, have a drink, play some Rock Band!

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