MyCandyEyes: GEO Angel Gray

About two weeks ago, I ordered a pair of GEO Angel Gray circle lenses from MyCandyEyes. As most of you may know, circle lenses are colored contacts that are worn for cosmetic purposes – they make your irises look larger, resulting in the dolly-eyed look. The last time I bought a pair, I ordered the Beaucon Vibrant Match Green lenses from HoneyColor. Unfortunately, I must have stored them incorrectly, because they wouldn’t stop irritating my eyes after a couple of months. So I decided that it was safer to throw them out and buy a new pair, instead of risking infection.

I ultimately chose MyCandyEyes because all their lenses are only $20. It doesn’t hurt that they offer free US shipping, either! ; ) The site is very easy to navigate, especially if you already know the brand and style you want. Even if you don’t, they’re all categorized very neatly. They accept all major credit cards and PayPal – which is a relief to me, since many other sites only accept an electronic check.

The lens case and bottles that my contacts came in.

I also know that many of the brands offered are from Korea, and thus must be specially ordered before being shipped to your address. So it was understandable that it took a while to arrive: 15 business days. The busy holidays may have delayed my order, though, so it’s really not their fault.

Here are what these lenses look like on me in different lighting:

Design (10/10) This style features a very thick, black limbal ring and a floral-esque radial design, both of which I love! The effect is very dramatic, and they really enlarge your eyes. I wouldn’t recommend wearing these without eye makeup, though, since they really make your eyes stand out. Some eyeshadow and mascara should be enough to balance it out to look more natural.

Color (9/10) Where the design stands out, the color is more subtle. The gray color is very noticeable in flash photography and outdoors. Under indoor light, the color looks significantly darker, but not in a bad way. In dim light, the color isn’t very noticeable at all, but rather makes your eyes look almost pitch black!

Comfort (9/10) These are much more comfortable than my last pair of circle lens – I can barely feel them when I wear them! Huge plus. Also, they don’t dry out as quickly as my last pair. I may actually buy the GEO Angel Honey Brown once these expire, since these are so comfortable! :P Keep in mind to only wear your circle lenses for a maximum of six hours – your eyes need to breathe!

In conclusion, I would definitely purchase from MyCandyEyes again. They have one of the best deals around, and have a large selection! : ) And if you haven’t tried out circle lenses yet, I highly recommend buying a pair – they really finish your look in ways other accessories can’t. ^o^


6 responses to “MyCandyEyes: GEO Angel Gray

  1. Your eyes look so beeg! —> 8{}

  2. wow, your eyes are so pretty! i really want to buy a pair in maybe purple or pink.

    • Thank you! This particular style does come in purple, but unfortunately not in pink. There are tons of other cute pink lenses out there, though! I’ve heard great things about the GEO Nudy Pink. :)

  3. I’ve ordered prescription lenses from mycandyeyes last month (may 9th) and its honestly been a month till now and I still have not received my order nor have the site responded back to any of my e-mails regarding my order. On the site it keeps saying processing and they already charged my credit card $35.98 and still no contacts… I don’t know what to do. Everyone keeps saying do a dispute on paypal? But I am truly not familiar on how paypal works or how to file a dispute towards mycandyeyes considering I used my american express card. I feel like this site is a fraud and should be immediately investiaged and shut down by authorities. I really want my money back since I feel like I got scammed badly. It’s my first time ordering online with my credit card and now I’m scared to ever do it again because of mycandyeyes. I live in the U.S and its funny how they apparently stopped shipping here… can anyone help me? And I’ve recently found out they have disabled their account.

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