The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Today, I went into the city to attend a taping of The Daily Show! My friend Kristiana had free tickets, and asked me to come along with her, her boyfriend, and his best friend. To be honest, I’ve never heard of it before she invited me. I never watch television, nor do I have much interest in politics. I’ve heard great things about it from my friends at school, though.

Because they have a very strict policy that prohibits the audience from having any recording devices in the studio, I left my camera at home – just to be safe. So unfortunately, I don’t have any photos from today. :'(

The studio itself is on 11th ave between W51st and W52nd st. We arrived two hours early, in order to pick up a numbered paper that would ensure us seats. Luckily, there was a coffee place nearby, where we waited and kept warm in. It was a good show, though. Jon Stewart is a funny guy who knows what he’s talking about. But it’s a shame that it was so short. We were inside for about an hour, and only 30-40 minutes were dedicated to filming. It was a nice experience, though, since I’ve never sat in the audience of a talk show before.

Afterwards, the four of us went out to eat at a family-style Italian restaurant called Carmine’s. It’s located in the Theater District of the city, just one block away from Times Square. At first, the prices on the menu overwhelmed me – until I found out that one dish serves four people! Which was perfect. We ordered Calamari & White Sauce over Angel Hair Pasta and Veal Cutlets. So delicious. And the bill only came out to $16 per person, already including tip! I would definitely recommend, as long as you’re going with a medium to large-sized party. : )

It was really nice to spend some time with Kristiana, though. I haven’t seen her in two years! It’s good to know that we can still be close despite the distance that’s usually between us during the school year. In fact, we’re planning on seeing each other again before I go back to Stony Brook in 2.5 more weeks! And what says friendship like going to a drag show restaurant called Lips? It’s an understatement to say that I’m excited to go. ; )


2 responses to “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

  1. Ohhh so jeally! I absolutely love Carmines haha.

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