Forever 21 Quilted Bag

Earlier this evening, I received the quilted bag that I ordered from Forever 21 last Wednesday. I’m extremely impressed by how quickly it arrived – only five business days!

First of all, I love the length of the chain handle. Most purses in this style are cross-body bags, and girls who are a C-cup or larger know what I’m talking about when I say the separation that the strap makes between your boobs always looks strange and awkward. >.<;

I’m also glad that the material isn’t shiny and cheap looking, which was my biggest concern. It was difficult to capture the matte finish on my camera, but believe me when I say that I love the texture. In fact, the bag itself is very structured – soft to the touch, but can hold its shape well. The stitching is very pretty, too! Much nicer than how it was represented in the photo on the Forever 21 website.

It’s a great size to carry everything I need when I go out! I’m very satisfied with my decision to go black/gold instead of black/silver, too. It matches perfectly with my Perlina wallet, and contrasts wonderfully with my colorful Tokidoki pouches!

Although the quality of many items from Forever 21 can be questionable at times, this certainly isn’t. And because I never really have the time or means to go out much during the school semester, this experience has definitely changed my mind about online shopping. It doesn’t hurt that Forever 21 offers free shipping on orders of $50 or more, either! ^o^


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