Michael visited this weekend! <3

I’m sorry that I haven’t posted in a couple of days! As I’ve probably mentioned before, my boyfriend Michael lives in Massachusetts. Which usually isn’t a problem, since he lives in the same hallway as me when we’re at school. But winter break is always hard, since seven weeks of not seeing each other is something we’d rather not do. I’m just really glad that he spent the past weekend in New York with me. : )

Day 1: Because there was a severe snowstorm warning today, I was really worried that it would take him ten hours to drive here, when it would normally take only four. Fortunately, he arrived on time with few delays. After making sure he was all settled into the guest room, we took a trip to Catalano Music.

Because I’ve been so busy with school work, I haven’t been able to play my viola in almost two years! I bought a new A-string, since my old one had snapped. For the quality of the string, I was really surprised that it only cost me $5. I might just come back for the whole string set next time!

After coming back home and getting reacquainted with my viola, Michael and I took my brother to Bay Terrace. Because my brother still owed me a Christmas present, he happily treated me out to dinner at Outback Steakhouse. Apart from ordering two of my favorite appetizers, the Bloomin’ Onion and Aussie Cheese Fries, my main course was the Outback Special & Grilled Shrimp on the Barbie – so delicious!

We spent the rest of the night watching Inception and looking up all the silly plot holes and continuity errors of the film. :P

Day 2: We woke up super early in order to catch the bus and train into Manhattan. I had planned on a huge get-together with a bunch of my high school friends to go ice skating at Bryant Park, but the majority were not able to make it. :'( My best friend John and his girlfriend Nataly came through, though!

And although I haven’t gone skating in almost two years, it was too easy once I was back on the ice. : ) It was pretty chilly, though, and was starting to get crowded after an hour and a half. Every time I saw someone fall, I was so scared that their fingers would get sliced off by another skater! >.<; ‘Twas very fun, nonetheless.

After we left, we immediately took shelter inside Chipotle for a late lunch. Then we walked over to Nintendo World, where we stayed and browsed for a bit. Unfortunately, we were all tired and had other places to be, so we separated shortly afterwards.

Later that evening, though, Michael ended up buying Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock from Gamestop. Which we played for the remainder of the night. :D

Day 3: This afternoon, my parents took us all out to a new restaurant in New Hyde Park called Asian Buffet. They had a sushi bar! :3 The quality of the food was alright, but it was freezing inside the building. I much prefer Harvest Buffet or Minado for all-you-can-eat Asian food. :P Here was one of my many plates, though.

Later, we attended a concert at my church, where my parents and brother were performing. It’s a shame that Michael had to leave afterwards. :'( At least I’ll be able to see him again in three more weeks at school! <3


6 responses to “Michael visited this weekend! <3

  1. I had a great time! And it looks like your family did too. Can’t wait til next time!

  2. you went to asian buffet? what did u think of it? cuz i’ve been bugging my parents to go there, but they keep saying no since its a new place and might not be great…

    • It was pretty good! The only reason I wouldn’t go there again is because there are better places. They do have a variety of food, but not as many choices as other places. But it’s local, which is really convenient! You should go check it out with your family anyway. :P

    • It’s cheap too. 8 dollars a person so for that price I’d say you’re definitely getting your money’s worth.

  3. thanks guys! i’ll definitely look into this place now, lol

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