Trend: Quilted Bags & Denim Leggings

Hey, guys! Remember the quilted bag from YesStyle that I posted about the other week? My heart was really set on buying it, but didn’t want to pay the $9 shipping & handling plus customs fees. Luckily for me, a similar purse at Forever 21 just recently went on sale for $19! Needless to say, I ordered it online right away. XD

The quilted handbag trend was definitely influenced by the popularity of Chanel’s classic flap purse design. Many brands have imitated the style in order to cater to women who can’t afford a $1,500+ handbag, but still want to look classy and fashionable. Of course, these “inspired pieces” are made with less expensive materials, usually polyurethane. As I was ordering this bag, my biggest fear had to be imagining the day the package arrived in the mail, only to realize that the material is shiny, ugly, and cheap-looking. >.<; Hopefully, that won’t happen!

Another trend that I’ve found myself enjoying are denim leggings – jeggings, as many people like to call them. (But personally, I hate calling them that!) The last time I was looking for jeans, I gave denim leggings a chance and bought a pair. After the past few months of wearing them, I think I’m ready to get more!

Denim leggings are just so comfortable and soft. They make your legs look longer, and your thighs look slimmer. I do love the look of skinny jeans, but my major issue with them is this: At the beginning of the day, I would have a little difficulty putting them on due to the tightness, but at the end of the day they’re stretched out to the point where they’re falling off me. Because of this, I was always throwing them in my laundry basket after one wear. =/

Denim leggings, on the other hand, keep their fit all day despite being stretchy! They’re very flattering and are a dream come true for curvier girls who can’t fit into regular skinny jeans due to the industries’ twisted sense of a “normal” body type. They’re easy to tuck into boots, too – rain boots, snow boots, knee-high boots, etc. They’re basically like a [sexy] second skin. ; ) This trend has definitely won me over! What do you guys think?


11 responses to “Trend: Quilted Bags & Denim Leggings

  1. I love demin leggings! They’re like savior to me! =D

  2. ooh, i love my denim leggings – way more comfy than skinny jeans!

  3. Welcome to my job uniform.

  4. I loooveee denim leggings! They feel like sweatpants but still look sharp. I wear them when I go to lab but don’t wanna look like a bum haha.

  5. I want some fucking jeggings! O:

  6. Hahaha over here in Sydney, jeggings are the worst way of wearing leggings hahaha. Maybe it’s coz our girls can’t pull the look off… it just looks tacky and cheap on them.

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