A short trip to Queens Center Mall :)

Today, I spent the day shopping with my friend Kate at Queens Center Mall. I haven’t seen her since last summer, so it was really nice hanging out with her. : ) I haven’t visited QCM in the longest time, too, so there were several new stores that have opened since my last visit!

One of the most significant changes was the absence of Yellow Rat Bastard – which had been replaced with Love Culture. YRB was the home store of all the punk rock kids I knew in high school. Seeing it gone was like realizing a historical monument was missing! I really prefer what stands in its place now, though. Love Culture lured me in with its modern red interior design. ; )

I ended up buying a pair of dark brown ankle boots! I couldn’t believe they were only $22. o_o They look amazing with super skinny jeans! I can only imagine how great they would look with tights.

I still had the H&M gift card from the last time I shopped there, so I spent it on this cute grey ruffled top. I had initially wanted the style in peach, but it was too see-through! >.<;

I also forgot to mention that while I was in Macy’s with my mom the other day, buying gifts for our relatives in California, she was nice enough to buy me this handbag holder. It’s used to keep your purse hanging off the table, instead of on the floor or a dirty surface.

Isn’t that a cute design? I picked it out. :D Until next time! ^o^


4 responses to “A short trip to Queens Center Mall :)

  1. I want your boots! <3 Lol. Now, I want to go out and buy more.

  2. ZOMG those boots look like….your other ones only shorter :P Clearly the subtleties of fashion evade me.

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