How to Cook: Turon

Hello, I hope you’re all having a great New Year’s Day! Now that it’s the beginning of a new month and year, I’m really proud of  how well this blog has been doing. Thank you all for being supportive. : ) Click to enlarge, and check out the stats!

Today, I just wanted to share with you guys how I make one of my favorite Filipino desserts, turon. Traditionally, it consists of deep fried plantains in a spring roll wrap. When I made it this afternoon, though, I used bananas and white sugar as substitutes – mostly because I was lacking ingredients. If you plan on making this, use plantains and brown sugar instead! Nevertheless, this was still delicious. : )

-brown sugar
-spring roll wraps
-lots of cooking oil
langka (jackfruit)
-vanilla and pandan extracts

1) Slice your plantains according to how big your spring rolls wraps are. Since mine were small, I sliced my bananas into quarters the wide way, then quarters again the long way. After you’re done cutting them up, put them in a bowl of sugar.

2) Make sure the sugar is evenly distributed among the plantains. Now spread them out on a clean, flat, surface. Sprinkle some vanilla and pandan extract!

3) Place some plantains pieces and jackfruit in your spring roll wrap. Everyone has a different folding technique, but here is how I do it:

4) If the tail piece won’t stick, use some water to seal it. Repeat until you’ve run out of ingredients. Here is what my plate of uncooked turon looked like.

5) Pour some oil into a pot, about half an inch deep! Fry until golden brown.

6) Eat and enjoy! ^o^


17 responses to “How to Cook: Turon

  1. Nice post and blog… We eat turon for new year by Vivaldi Music with NotitiAE link:

    New RV811
    Good New Year eve 2011

  2. that looks so delicious!!!!!! i dont know where i could get jackfruit and pandan around here though, i will have to check again next time in the international food section…its funny my Lolo was born in Iloilo but he never really made us any Filipino food. im so deprived D:

  3. woah that looks good! it looks similar to this south indian dish my mom makes with plantains, except our dish doesnt use spring rolls, we cover it with a sweet batter and fry it. i’m gonna try to make this to compare the taste, lol

    • There are many similar dishes in different countries! Mexico and Spain have almost the exact same thing, except cooked and prepared a little differently. XD You should totally make some!

  4. i thought about that, theres tons of Chinese markets around here so im gonna try. the last few times ive been in just to get snacks and stuff they look at me like, what the hell are you doing here?! but thats ok ;)

  5. Ah, I love turon! But I’ve never heard about putting jackfruit in it. Lol love it though. <3 :)

  6. Yours look so good! My spring rolls were different than yours. They were see through for some reason and didn’t get crispy enough. I am going to try Again later with Filo dough!

  7. LOOOVEEE TURON! It’s my bro-in-law/Kuya’s fave! We made some using eggroll wraps from the palenke, and my OCD-ness just died because they were not perfect, even squares. still delish! Also do you know if there is a difference between red sugar and brown sugar XD?

    Happy New Years!

    • I love turon so much! >.<; I'm really surprised by how many non-filipinos are familiar with it. XD And I can't get OCD with my wrapping, or else I'd be standing around all day. :P

  8. improperintegirl

    that looks delicious, provided you use plantains and not bananas.. i don’t like bananas XD

  9. i would love to have a bite of your turon one day.. it’s one filo delicacy that i really miss. hope to see cassava cake in this space sometime soon..? :-) All the B-E-S-T for you this two thousand eleven & beyond! God bless you!

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