Kat Von D True Romance Beethoven Palette

Since I’ve found myself with a lot of free time lately, I decided to play around a bit with something my boyfriend bought for me last year – the Kat Von D True Romance Beethoven Palette.

Because I don’t usually wear loud makeup, I admit that I haven’t used this palette to its full potential. Up to this point, I’ve only used the more vibrant shades as eyeliners instead of as eyeshadows! Unfortunately, I lost the two mini brushes almost immediately, and I accidentally dropped the palette a couple of months ago. Lucifer (the black shadow) completely broke all over my floor! Hence the empty pan below, all the way on the left. The other shades survived, though!

Lucifer, Speed Blue, Razor Grey, Tequila, Rad Purple, Sinner, Leather, Galeano

I’m no expert at makeup, but I’ve had enough experience with eyeshadow to get by. Today, I faced my fears and used two of the most intimidating shades in this palette – Speed Blue and Sinner. The first is a dark, metallic blue that really stands out. Here, I used it in combination with Tequila (a shimmery, pale yellow) and Razor Grey (a shimmery, gunmetal silver) to soften its pigmentation.

Sinner is a dark, shimmery purple that applies much blacker than it looks in the pan. Again, I used Tequila as a base, but this time I blended with Galeano (a metallic, medium plum shimmer). I don’t like this combination as much, but makeup is about experimentation, right?

I don’t know how often I would use these colors – even when blended out, they’re definitely not for a regular, everyday look! The shades are very pigmented, and it’s easy to apply too much. Because my eyes are on the small side, they get lost in too much dark color. I guess I’ll have to keep playing around with the colors until I find a happy medium. : ) And though the packaging may be gorgeous, the expensive price tag ($34) and less-than-wearable colors may be a put-off for some. My final rating for this palette: 7/10

Until next time! ^o^


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