Lately, I’ve been lusting over..

..expensive leather goods. >.<; I’m usually not the type to want to buy something this luxurious, but these bags and wallets were calling my name! XD

mia leather carryall, $358

patent alexandra tote, $358

I’m one of those girls who wants everything she owns to match with one another. Thus, I like to stick to classic styles and colors. As much fun as the Poppy line for Coach looks, the colors and designs are impractical. And if you’re going to buy an expensive bag, you might as well splurge on leather. Unfortunately, both are out of my price range, along with everything else by Coach. I wouldn’t mind having these wallets, though.

new sutton signature slim envelope, $198

perforated heart zip wallet, $128

I’m really tempted to purchase the second one, even though I have no need for it. I own a perfectly nice tri-fold wallet by Perlina that I received two Christmases ago from my mom’s friend. It has black-on-black leopard print on the inside! :3 But a girl can dream of luxury, right?

In other news I’ve also started watching Angel via SideReel. As I must have mentioned before, I used to be a huge fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It makes complete sense that I used to watch the spin-off starring David Boreanaz. He was my childhood celebrity crush, after all! ; ) At least I know the next few weeks of work won’t be boring. Until next time! ^o^


6 responses to “Lately, I’ve been lusting over..

  1. improperintegirl

    I plan on starting Angel one I finish the last season of Buffy (which I started yesterday)!! And he’s been in Bones now… which I didn’t realize until I watched it a few months ago. Bones sucks… they’re all idiots who spend 5 minutes of the show on work and the rest of the hour goofing off and making out. Really weird situation to see Angel in… because in my brain he is still Angel XD

    And you don’t have to spend a ton of money on a good leather bag. I got a medium/small all leather bag from TJ Maxx for $40.

    • I’ve only watched a couple episodes of Bones, and it didn’t seem so bad. I might give it another chance after finishing up with Angel. XD And I was actually thinking of going to TJ Maxx or Loehmann’s for an inexpensive alternative. : ) Both are conveniently close to my house, too!

  2. David Boreanez is still my celebrity crush. <3 He's on the show Bones now and hes an FBI agent. That means he gets to look handsome in suits ;D

    As for the bags you posted, they're really quite nice. <3
    If you're interested in Juicy Couture items, add your email to their mailing list. They very very frequently send out online codes for 30% off your whole order. Especially now, during the holidays (I think I still have a code they sent me…).

    Also, there is this website I go to, where they have frequent sales of designer clothes, accessories, and sometimes things like cookies and vacations. All for a more reasonable price. Signup is free. :)

    • Yes, I’ve seen a couple episodes. : ) I don’t think he ages! o_o Thanks for forwarding the Juicy code, but I probably won’t be able to use it before it expires. I’ve been saving up to do things with everyone this break. I haven’t seen some people since graduation. >.<; And I'll check out Ruelala asap! ;D

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