Canon PowerShot SD 1300 IS

As I’ve mentioned to you guys before, I just bought a new camera: the Canon PowerShot SD1300 IS. I was extremely surprised that my package arrived so quickly! The estimated delivery date on my e-mail receipt said December 20th at the earliest, and December 23rd at the latest. Good job, Amazon! : ) This just means I can start using it asap for EVERYTHING!! :D

Apart from the camera itself, the package included.. the battery pack, battery charger, interface cable, AV cable, wrist strap, instruction manual, and Canon installation disc.

The surface is so shiny and metallic pink! *drools*

As for its performance, it took a little getting used to (aka 30 minutes) before I realized its potential. It’s definitely an upgrade from my last point-and-shoot! Every photo on this blog will henceforth be taken with it. : )

It works best outdoors, in natural light! (click to enlarge)

It also shoots well indoors, under low lighting!

The flash creates great contrast, too!

Finally, the macro feature will definitely make my blog photos look amazing!

I love this camera already. <3 And although I spent a wonderful five years with my old Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W80, it’s time to pass it down to my brother.

Until next time! ^o^


9 responses to “Canon PowerShot SD 1300 IS

  1. The quality of the photos looks great! No editing?

    And how much did you spend?

  2. Sounds lovely. :)
    I hope you enjoy itt <3 Bring it next time <3

  3. Wow, it’s so beautiful! How did you get your camera to take a picture of itself though? :3

  4. I loooooveeee Canon cameras :D I still have my old one my sister gave me, but he’s still as good as the day I first got him :) Enjoy your cutie pink one!

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