Winter Break To-Do List

Photo credit goes to Valcom2the.

Now that I’m free of everything school-related, I can focus on everything else. Since I’ve always been a very goal-oriented person that likes to plan things to the detail, it’s not a surprise when I come up with a to-do list for the next 6.5 weeks of winter break. (That’s sounds like such a long time!)

1) Make a ton of money. I’ll be spending the majority of my time working for ChaCha. I’ve already started applying for real jobs off-campus next semester, though I doubt any of them will actually get back to me. If you guys want to be my “connections” and find me seasonal work around the NYC area for this next summer, I’d  be eternally grateful. <3

2) Hang out with all my friends. I only get to see my closest friends twice a year – winter break and summer vacation. Even then, schedules may not work out and I don’t even see some of themfor at least a year! Nonetheless, I’ll be trying my hardest to see them this next month. :’)

3) Spend quality time with my brother. Since I only come home one weekend every three to four weeks, the time I get to spend with my 14-year-old brother is minimal. And by “spend quality time”, I actually mean play video games and watch YouTube videos. XD

4) Paint my bedroom. The walls of my second-floor bedroom has been a pale yellow for over ten years. I plan to rectify that, despite being indecisive on whether I want them purple or red. I definitely can’t wait to redecorate, though! ;D

5) Catch up on some movies. Since I don’t really go out of my way too often to watch movies in theater, I have a lot of catching up to do! Thankfully, the only multi-tasking I’m good at (besides walking and texting) is working and watching. Which is pretty easy, since I can keep my ChaCha window open on the right side of my screen, and VLC Player on the left.

Last night, I downloaded a variety of things from DC++. The list includes: 2012, Accepted, Avatar, City of God, Coraline, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Death Race, Despicable Me, Get Him to the Greek, How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, Inception, Iron man 2, Jennifer’s Body, Miss March, Prince of Persia, Se7en, The Social Network, and Ugly Americans. Thank god for technology. :P

6) Eat lots of yogurt. Drink lots of tea. Recently, I’ve put on a lot of weight. Ever since running out of meal points and doing my own grocery shopping, I’ve lost three pounds! :o All I want is to reach the weight that I was before, and if a diet comprised of yogurt and tea will get me there, I’m not complaining. : )

7) Take care of my hair. Let it grow out. Every morning in the shower, I’ve been noticing that more and more of my hair has been breaking and falling out. Avoiding heat styling for the next six weeks will definitely do me some good. My hair will thank me at the end of it. :]

8) Listen to new music. I can now take this time to introduce myself to new artists and genres, thanks to I’ve been meaning to listen to some more post-rock and progressive rock. Any recommendations? :3

9) Check-in at all my favorite places. The other day, my boyfriend and I downloaded the FourSquare app onto our respective Apple products. My goal this winter break is to unlock more badges, visit new places, and become the “mayor” of more places than him. Bring it on, Michael. >:D

All in all, I just want to have a productive break. I don’t understand people who lock themselves indoors, and are content with doing the same thing every day. That kind of lifestyle just isn’t for me. Until next time! ^o^


3 responses to “Winter Break To-Do List

  1. Albums & Artists: Rush (Moving Pictures), Queensrÿche (Operation: Mindcrime), Queen (News Of The World), Giant Drag (Hearts & Unicorns), Joy Division (Substance)
    Movies: Get Him To The Greek, Despicable Me, The Runaways, Pirates, White Meat On Black Street

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