Last day before finals!

Last night, I was reflecting on how out-of-date my current camera is. It’s a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W80 that I received as a Christmas present four or five years ago. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great point-and-shoot, but there are a ton of other digital cameras on the market today that are far better for less than half the price that it was when my parents bought it for me.

Apart from only being 7.2 megapixels, whereas today’s models are all at least 12, it functions poorly in dimly lit environments and its macro function isn’t the best. Yes, it has served me well during our time together, but as with all technology, it isn’t meant to last forever. I’m sure my younger brother would be ecstatic to find out that I’m passing down this gem to him. : )

And because I’m often impulsive and impatient, I ended up buying the Canon Powershot SD1300 on Amazon for only $109 + free shipping! (whereas its retail value is $179.99) I decided on buying this model because of all the amazing reviews it received, especially the one on DigitalCameraHQ. Honestly, my first choice was the Canon Digital Rebel T2i, but I currently can’t afford to spend $700+ on a DSLR. >.<;

I purchased the SD1300 in pink, though, because the other colors didn’t appeal to me at all. :P My order confirmation says it should be shipped to my house between December 20th and 23rd, just in time for the holidays and the rest of my winter break! Hopefully, having the ability to take better photographs will improve the quality of this blog. ;D

In other news, Michael and I went on a double date with my friend Mia and her boyfriend tonight. I don’t get to keep in touch much with friends back in Queens anymore, so seeing her was especially nice. <3 We went to Famous Dave’s BBQ, where we stuffed ourselves with delicious food and chatted for a bit – a very nice way to spend my last night before final exams begin. : )

The restaurant was near Roosevelt Field Mall, so prior to meeting them for dinner, I quickly dropped by. I ended up buying this gunmetal silver-gray tunic top at H&M, mostly because it was on sale for $15. They gave me a $5 gift card along with my purchase, too! :D I might just wear this for New Year’s. :3 And don’t mind the pixelization, I didn’t like the face I was making. XD

Just letting you guys know that I’ll be super-busy with finals this week – I have four more exams to go! I will most likely not be blogging at all until I’m back home for winter break, so wish me luck. Until next time! ^o^


6 responses to “Last day before finals!

  1. more fun times soon!

  2. Edwin-Nikko Kabigting

    Good luck with finals! Let’s hang out over winter break!

    Call me ;)

    mahal kita.


  3. So glad you bought yourself a present that will last you a while. Totally needed it after your disappointing iTouch camera lols.

    Also, I really enjoyed Famous Dave’s. Hopefully we will hang out with your friends more once it gets warmer out. They’re cool peoples.

    • Haha, my iPod touch is still pretty useful for other things. :P I don’t exactly carry my camera with me everywhere, so something portable is nice. : ) And sure, we’ll hang out with more of my friends in the near future. :D

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