I’m boycotting Pikabooth! D:<

As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, I love purikura. Popularized in Japan, it’s basically a high-tech photo booth in which you can control lighting, backgrounds, and frame positioning. After taking taking a few shots, you get to decorate your photos with cute stamps, sparkles, and words! I would always go to Flushing in order to take them, though, which is kind of out of the way from where my friends and I usually hang out. But last year, I discovered an American company that produces similar booths called Pikabooth. They station their booths in shopping malls in Queens and Long Island, which is much more convenient to get to.

The first two times I used their booth in Smith Haven Mall, I was completely satisfied – the prints came out so gorgeous! My last two experiences haven’t been good ones, though. =/ The machines are always either breaking or eating your dollar bills without detecting that they’ve been inserted. When you call their number to file a complaint, they never call you back or refund your money. Thus, I’ve decided to boycott Pikabooth. I’ll just stick to the machines in Flushing. :P Here were the ones Michael and I took yesterday. The prints came out extremely dark. The photo below only looks decent because of my camera flash. Purikura is known for skin lightening, smoothing, and softening – not this.

In other news, this cold weather has really been getting to me. I long for the summer again! American Eagle has some really cute camis in stock that make me want warm weather asap. I would totally buy myself one in every color and pattern if they weren’t $35 each. >.<;

These dresses from Forever 21 also has me wishing that spring would come sooner. Even though I don’t attend formal parties too often, I love dressing up for no occasion. ; )

I guess that’s all for now. :P Until next time! ^o^


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