Lookbook.nu is one of those websites that I can spend hours looking through. It’s a collection of submissions that members post gorgeous, high-quality photos of their outfits. Personally, I find more inspiration from this website than any magazine ever could – it’s definitely a great resource for the fashion-conscious. Unfortunately, you have to be a member to post. Membership if free, but you have to apply for one by sending them a photo of yourself, or having an already-member invite you. I received an invitation last year, but I’m not confident enough to post any of my looks up. >.<;

Two of my favorite contributors are Rikku and Dawn. They have very different styles, but I love the both of them so much. (If you guys are interested, Dawn runs a blog called Monoxious. Check it out sometime!) Here are my favorite looks by them:



Lookbook.nu is filled with tons of amazing, beautiful, stylish people and posts. It wouldn’t be surprising to find out that many trends became popular through its members. Hundreds of new posts are added daily, after all. x_x I might just spend the rest of tonight scrolling through them. XD Until next time! ^o^


One response to “Lookbook.nu

  1. Very nice pics. Dawn is gorgeous.

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