It’s never too cold for Red Mango. ;D

I know it’s too cold for frozen yogurt, but a Red Mango just opened yesterday right near my campus! Besides, I found a coupon in the newspaper yesterday. XD I was pleasantly surprised to find that their frozen yogurt was self-serve! There was a toppings bar, too. I felt daring today and tried the white peach, strawberry, and banana flavors, then topped it off with milk chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, cinnamon toast crunch, chocolate syrup, cocoa pebbles and mochi. ; )

Photo credit goes to Michael Mandrus.

In other news, I just sold a few of my textbooks this morning. It makes me feel less guilty for buying the E.L.F. Studio Blush Brush and Rimmel Special Eyes Pencil in Panama the other day, even though both are pretty cheap. :P

This blush brush is VERY soft. It picks up just the right amount of pigment and applies evenly. Up to this point, I’ve been applying blush with my fingers, so I have no complaints. : )

Now, this pencil is meant to be used as an eyeliner. Unfortunately, I swatched Rimmel’s eyebrow pencils and found them either too light or dark for me. So I picked this up in Panama, a chocolate brown shade that almost perfectly matches what my hair looks like with indoor lighting. Compared to my last eyebrow pencil (Wet’n’Wild Color Icon in Dark Brown), this one is not as creamy, but it definitely has better staying power and looks more matte. Check it out:

The photo makes it look ashier than it really is. But I liked the way my hair looked in this shot. XD Until next time! ^o^


4 responses to “It’s never too cold for Red Mango. ;D

  1. That picture of your Froyo looks so good! If only it were ice cream instead :-)

    Maybe some day I’ll find something at Red Mango I like. Until then, I’m fine watching you eat while I drink iced tea <3

  2. Are your eyebrows tattoos or just sharpied on?

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