Target = Groceries?! I never would have guessed.

Just recently, the Target near my campus underwent a huge renovation resulting in a fresh groceries section. Let me begin with how much I love Target – they carry ALL my necessities for a significantly reduced price. Michael and I have been going there frequently for a number of things, even before he bought a car. When we both ran out of meal points, we decided to check out if their groceries really do compare to a real supermarket.

Because there are only two more weeks in the semester, we only did some light grocery shopping and split a few items between us. In my attempt to eat healthier, I bought some things that the quality of campus food just can’t offer: peach yogurt, soy milk, cereal, turkey cold cuts, hot dogs, wheat bread, tomato soup, chicken noodle soup, angel-hair pasta, tomato sauce,  and canned fruit. I missed real food so much. <3

Did I mention how cute the reusable totes are at Target? For only $0.99, I’m being eco-friendly! : ) It’s always nice to have one of these when I go out shopping, or just casually carrying my things someplace. I hope I don’t lose this one, like I did with my others. XD

With the amount that I bought, a subtotal of$46.34 isn’t bad at all. I would actually be willing to live in West Apartments next year (the on-campus residences for upperclassmen only), not have a meal plan at all, and just do my grocery shopping every week or two. Think of it like this – a sandwich on campus is about $7. The same $7 can buy me a loaf of bread AND two containers of cold cuts, resulting in 8 or 9 sandwiches. I’d be saving a ton of money on food! :o I’ll have to talk it over with my parents over winter break, though. Until next time! ^o^


4 responses to “Target = Groceries?! I never would have guessed.

  1. Whose soda is that in the back? Soda is bad for you :-)

    Hopefully this works out well. I’d love it if you could live in West with me next semester. I think it’s worth the difference in price to save a bunch of money.

  2. Theresa Mosquito

    The Target near our place did the same. LOVE IT! One stop shop. Do not forget to apply for the RED CARD. Gets you 5% off every time you use it for your purchases. At least saves you a portion of the tax :-)

    • I tried applying for the card, but when they explained to me that it was more like a credit card than a discount card, I decided not to. I already have too many cards to keep track of, haha.

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