Stony Brook Vocalists

Last night, I attended a concert at the Charles B. Wang Center performed by the Stony Brook Vocalists. I will admit that I probably wouldn’t have gone if several of my friends weren’t in it, but they’re really a talented group of a capella singers. I’ve seen them perform many times over the span of the past two and a half years, but their lineup changes pretty often. This semester, they have several new amazing members, many of whom I had watched perform solo during their Broadway Night the other month. Thus, I was really excited and had high expectations for this concert.

Their repertoire consisted of eleven well-arranged songs:

1. Stop and Stare                          7. Happy Ending
2. King of Anything                     8. Free Ride
3. Feeling Good                             9. The Chain
4. Breakaway                               10. He Lives in You
5. Hide and Seek                         11. Jai Ho
6. Hey Eugene

The first thing I noticed was the great range of all three of their sopranos, and how well everyone harmonized together. Their bass section needed a little improvement, but their use of a beatboxer as percussion really brought things together. The members were really into the songs, too. You could tell that they were passionate about the music through the energy they put into it.

The songs I was looking forward to the most were Hide and Seek and Jai Ho, the former being a Imogen Heap classic and the latter being the ending song of Slumdog Millionaire (one of my favorite films). Unfortunately, half of Hide and Seek was the awful rap/r&b version of ‘Whatcha Say’ that Jason Derulo sings. The SBV pulled it off really well, though. Jai Ho was actually decent, too, despite the awful pronunciation of the Indian lyrics. My favorite songs ended up being Stop and Stare, King of Anything, and The Chain. All in all, this was definitely the best concert yet by the Stony Brook Vocalists. : )

In other news, I downloaded the new Christmas Pack for the FACE-LOOK app on my iPod touch for $0.99. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s like your own personal purikura booth! This new set includes 204 new frames and stamps, all themed according to the Christmas and Winter season. So adorable! Here are two pics I decorated last night using the new pack. Don’t forget that you can click on them to enlarge. :]

I’m a sucker for all things cute. >.<; Stay tuned for another post today!


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