Domo Sushi

I love sushi. When I found out that a Japanese place called Domo Sushi had recently opened up about a mile off campus, I wanted to go there asap. Michael and I had a lunch date there today, and I have to get the word out that this place is extremely affordable and delicious! Their lunch specials are especially cheap, too, as far as sushi goes. Check out the menu on their website. : )

Today, we ordered a Salmon Teriyaki lunch box. Apart from salmon teriyaki, it also came with a California roll, rock shrimp kakiage, rice, and miso soup. My favorite part had to be the kakiage – it reminded me of tempura. I could have eaten an entire order of it! Maybe next time. :P

We also ordered the lunch special of a three-roll combo for $12. In this case.. we had Salmon & Avocado, Crunchy Spicy Tuna, and Eel & Cucumber. I was very impressed with their sushi. The sauce on the eel roll was delectably sweet, and there was so much avocado in the salmon roll! <3 The ingredients tasted super-fresh, too. Upon sampling one of each, I had already made up my mind that I’m definitely coming back here again.

Afterwards, we ordered Green Tea Ice Cream Tempura (aka Fried Ice Cream) for dessert. Neither of us have had it before, despite hearing great things from other people, but we’re always willing to try out something new. ; ) Our waitress lit a small amount of rum on fire with a lighter, then poured it over the dessert – resulting in a crackling, flaming presentation. Unfortunately, the rum didn’t burn out completely, so the fried ice cream tasted a little bit like it. It was crunchy and lathered in raspberry-chocolate syrup on the outside, and so sweet and cold on the inside!

I would definitely recommend Domo Sushi to anyone who lives in the area. Compared to other local Japanese/Sushi places, it’s the most affordable. For two people, the bill came out to only $30. I have absolutely no complaints with the food, either – I left completely satisfied. : )

[All photo credit goes to Michael Mandrus.]


6 responses to “Domo Sushi

  1. Theresa Mosquito

    Love the Japanese lunch box – BENTO BOX as they call it! A little of piece of everything.

    • Theresa Mosquito

      hmmm I just read my comment and it did not read right …… should have said ” a little bit of everything”.

  2. How did I forget to comment on this?

    Looking back at this makes me really want to go back soon. Maybe one more time before the semester is over? Depends on if you have money or not. Though next time maybe we could just get Sushi and it would cost less.

  3. Thank you so much for your review! I was thinking of going there tomorrow as a lunch date with my boyfriend (coincidentally also named Michael) and now I’m convinced. Have you tried Hoshi Sushi?

    • No problem, anything to help a fellow foodie! :) Definitely worth going, especially for lunch. I haven’t visited in a year, though, since I no longer live near the area. And yes, I’ve tried Hoshi Sushi! They’re great, too. :D

  4. But I hope the quality is still as good now as it was back then when this was written.

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