What’s been keeping me busy?

Hey guys! Now that Thanksgiving break is over and most of my classes are going easy on me until finals roll around, I’ve had a tons of free time. : ) So what HAS been keeping me busy? For one, my roommate introduced me to the Showtime television series called Weeds.

The plot follows a recently widowed suburban mother named Nancy who turns to dealing marijuana to make ends meet for her two sons. It’s a great drama that examines family life. I’m already up to season six! If you guys are interested, SideReel links to episodes uploaded onto MegaVideo and other various hosting sites.

Also, I know Chanukah isn’t until Wednesday evening, but I was impatient and gave my boyfriend his present early. :o I bought him the new edition of Clue! It’s a 3 to 6 player murder-mystery board game that requires you to use strategy, reasoning, and deduction. We spent three hours playing it with his suitemates last night! Although Friday night is usually our “Poker & Pictionary Night”, we might just add Clue to the weekly tradition. ; )In other news, Michael brought back his Playstation 2 from home. So I grabbed a few of my favorite games from home to keep us busy here at school. Currently, we’re playing through Kingdom Hearts – I haven’t picked up this game in years! Although I liked the sequel to this game a whole lot more, the first installment is still a beautiful collaboration between Square Enix and Disney that will always be a classic to me. : )

What have YOU been doing in your free time?


4 responses to “What’s been keeping me busy?

  1. I was passed out most of break :D! and eating! it was a wonderful, restful time I needed before finals. Although my last day of break I was banging out report after report haha.

    OMG KINGDOM HEARTS <3 I actually liked the first one best just because in some response I thought the later ones tried too hard to be dark too fast XD

  2. Missing you :D

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