Thanksgiving & Black Friday 2010

Hey, guys, Happy Belated Thanksgiving! I hope you all ate a ton of delicious food and spent quality time with your families, because I know I did. : ) This year, I was in charge of making dessert – Ghiradelli brownies and a Thai coconut tapioca dish. I uploaded photos of the cooking and baking process here on Facebook. Here are the main courses, though:

Honestly, I wasn’t planning on participating in Black Friday this year. But my mom dropped me and my brother off at the Roosevelt Field for some errands. :P First up, my brother needed new shoes. He really wanted a pair of Converse, so we went to Journeys and bought it for him in purple (which is one of his favorite colors, btw). I love the look of brand  new Chuck Taylors.

As for myself, I was looking for a pair of new shoes, too. I found a pair of deep red pointy-toe heels at Payless, but they didn’t come in my size. :'( These black pantent pumps did, though! ;D Don’t let looks deceive you – they’re actually really comfy to walk in.

Because my mom had given me a coupon for Bath and Body Works, we headed there next. If we spent $10 or more, we’d get any item up to $13 in the store for free! So I bought four bottles of hand soap, and in turn was able to get this $12 tube of lotion for absolutely nothing. ; )

Old Navy was having a huge sale, too, so we quickly dropped by so I could purchase this pair of super-cute flannel polar bear pajamas! :3 Only $5, can you believe it?

On a final note, I’ll leave you with my Thanksgiving Day look – I wore some pretty dramatic eyes. I made it my WordPress profile photo, too, since I needed a new blog picture anyway. :P Until next time!


6 responses to “Thanksgiving & Black Friday 2010

  1. The food looks good! :D Yum. And I wish I can try the tapioca dessert and those brownies. Love the shoes, btw. Purple converse and heels<3 and I love your default! So jealous, haha. Pretty indeed.

    I love you!

  2. That looks tasty! So much food. I personally prefer a more intimate setting, but the buffet style is cool. Next year, I will have lasagna at my Thanksgiving too :)

    And I like that picture. My girlfriend is so pretty. How did I get so lucky? <3

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