Korean Pop Fashion

Recently, my friend Kate introduced me to Korean pop music. The genre is generally upbeat and modern, but my favorite kind of K-Pop are the all-female groups. Upon browsing videos and photos, I realized instantly how stylish these girls are! Korean Pop Fashion is pretty distinct, in my opinion. It’s a super fun mix of glamorous and cute – the kind of look that I aspire to achieve one day. Here are three of my favorite Korean girl groups:

1) f(x) – I don’t think these girls would have stood out as much to me if they didn’t have a tomboy as part of their group. They’re a fairly new K-Pop quintet and I enjoy their music the most out of the three I’ll be mentioning, despite only release one mini-album so far. They’re supposedly releasing another one this next month, though! Check out their hit single Nu ABO here on YouTube. : )

2) 4minute – These girls rock. They go for a sexier a look than f(x). Watching a few of their music videos on YouTube will give you a better idea of their awesome style. I recommend Muzik, which you can watch here.

3) 2NE1 – These ladies are fierce. Their style is fun and colorful. I can always recognize them by their heavy black eyeliner and funky choice of clothing. Check out their Follow Me music video here. Their ever-blonde member inspires me further to lighten my hair. XD


4 responses to “Korean Pop Fashion

  1. I’ve noticed that about a lot of Asian pop stars. they seem to go for the cute look. it’s a very different approach when compared to the American style where a lot of women just dress like sluts. Thank god the Koreans have figured out you don’t need to dress like a whore to be sexy and fun. It makes them much more appealing.

  2. That looks soooo good :))

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