Eyes Lips Face

Eyes Lips Face is a drugstore makeup brand that sells for extremely cheap. We’re talking about $1 to $3 here. Despite the ridiculously affordable price, their products are still great and cruelty free! The only reason I had even heard of the brand was through the rave reviews on MakeupAlley, my most reliable source of information on beauty products before I buy them. : )

And because I had such a good experience with the $1 eyeshadow brush from E.L.F., it wasn’t difficult to convince me to buy a few more of their products with the extra few bucks I happened to have. :P So while I happened to be in Target today, I swung by the makeup isle to check out what else they had in stock. I couldn’t believe how many dollar products they had, so I bought three – their mechanical eyelash curler, waterproof eyeliner pen, and tone correcting concealer for a grand total of only $3 + tax!

Because my old eyelash curler had been disappointing me lately, I assumed it was because of overuse. I’ve had it for about four years, after all. :X Replacing it with this one was such a good idea. It doesn’t pinch my eyelids, actually fits all my eyelashes, and makes a prettier curl! The spring gives it some resistance when you clamp down, too, so that you don’t overdo it and accidentally “bend” your lashes instead of curl them.

As far as the eyeliner pen goes, it’s wonderful. The last time I bought something similar was when I was a silly makeup newbie that mistakenly believed that expensive products must be superior to cheap ones. Thus, I purchased an $18 eyeliner pen from Sephora. >.<; This E.L.F. eyeliner is so easy to apply, though! I bought it in Black, which came out darker than I had expected (yay!), but there are also a couple of other nifty colors like Plum. I can see it drying up rather quickly, but for only a dollar, I can’t complain about the quality. :P

I bought the concealer in Apricot Beige – it blends pretty nicely with my skin. It also smells wonderfully fruity! Because I’m getting super self-conscious of my under eye dark circles, which aren’t even that bad, I figured I’d try to hide them instead of getting more sleep. (Give me a break, I’m a college student!) When I applied it under my eyes, it instantly brightened them! Huge plus. ; ) It doesn’t cover dark spots or blemishes very well, though. I don’t plan on using this on my cheeks or forehead, anyway, in fear of breaking out.

While I was Target, I found the cutest kitchen appliance ever – a cupcake maker! :o But for $50, no thanks. I don’t have that kind of money. :'( It claims to bake six cupcakes in 10 minutes. I find the concept and design very appealing, though I think I’d rather bake my own cupccakes in an over the old-fashioned way. :3

I also discovered how delicious Hershey’s Symphony chocolate is. *drool*

Until next time! <3


6 responses to “Eyes Lips Face

  1. So glad you found quality products at such a low price! Hopefully you can continue down that road and save some money for the important things in life…like ice cream!

    And *drool* Symphony Chocolate.

  2. improperintegirl

    They gave away e.l.f freebees in your prom’s gift bags… I got 3 lip-glosses that were all in a brown shade, a shade that would work on a black girl but not on me.. so I gave them to my black friends in school XD

    • I don’t remember getting any lip gloss or ELF freebies in my prom’s gift bags! :o I only got a can of really bad hairspray that turned my hair white, and some nail polishes. :(

  3. Is a very well written post….. Thanks so much for information. ….Sorry for my English

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