I hate Uggs. I love tea.

I know what you’re thinking: “Uggs are ugly? That’s old news!” Of course it is. It’s been the most popular Fall/Winter footwear trend for over three years now. I’ve always hated how they looked, but it was just the other day that I discovered the price range of Ugg boots: $140 for the cheapest pair. Wtf? I can buy FIVE PAIRS of cuter shoes with that kind of money.

I have no problem with people wearing them for “comfort”, but I’m sure 9 out of 10 of the girls who own a pair bought them because all their friends wear them. No, wait, they didn’t buy them – their parents did. There is no reason a thirteen-year-old girl needs three pairs of $140+ boots. Oh, and they’re made of SHEEPSKIN. I’m 100% against this trend, and can’t fathom why these boots are so desirable. </endrant> I would totally buy these adorable Hello Kitty winter boots from Sears, though, if I had a younger sister/daughter/niece. They’re only $25, made out of synthetic materials, AND still keep your feet warm. : )

In other news, I walked into the on-campus Starbucks after class this morning and saw that they had tins of Tazo full-leaf teas out on the shelves for purchase. The best part: I can buy them with my meal points! ; ) So I ended up buying two tins, Vanilla Rooibos and Awake. :D The ingredients in the Vanilla Rooibos sound so delicious: rooibos, licorice root, blackberry leaves, cinnamon, apple pieces, peach pieces, vanilla extract, and chamomile flowers.

And speaking of tea.. I sent three letters the other day to three different tea companies, in hopes that they’ll send me free samples or maybe even a free box! Two of them were to Harney & Sons and Tazo, raving about how much I enjoy their products. The last was to Ten Ren, addressing a defective box of Chamomile tea that I purchased over the summer. Hopefully, they’ll all respond back. : )

On a final note, I ran out of mascara yesterday and had to buy a new tube asap. Michael drove me to Walmart, where I purchased Cover Girl Lash Blast Length, in Very Black. It lengthens my lashes significantly more than Maybelline Full ‘n Soft, but the fact that its volumizing abilities are practically nonexistent leaves more to be desired. It’s a solid mascara, though, that doesn’t clump on me. It also lifts my stick-straight eyelashes into a slight curl without even using an eyelash curler! And I could practically layer all I want, since the brush doesn’t load on too much product in one swipe. :D In the image below, I only applied two layers. My final rating: 7/10

Until next time! :3


14 responses to “I hate Uggs. I love tea.

  1. girl stuffs

  2. Firstly, I love Tazo Awake. It has to be my favorite tea of all time forever.

    Secondly, you know me well enough to know that all through high school I hated the girls that wore Uggs. They’re hideous. Seriously. But last Christmas, I caved and bought myself a pair. With my own money, mind you.
    They are the softest, most comfortable ugly things I have ever wore in my life. I have the dreaded winter-cold-hate issue my whole life, and having warm feet in the winter helps me survive the cold. (Socks just don’t do it for me.)
    Though I know what you mean about supporting anti-fur, I dont believe that this is necessarily as bad as all fur things (I’m generalizing heavily here). While we make use of such things as mink furs, minks are hunted primarily for their soft furs while sheep have a wider use. Its not as though the sheep population is diminishing from a barbarian act, we actually do consume their meat and use their whole body for a variety of reasons, which is why I don’t feel as guilty.

    (Basically, if we use the whole animal, I don’t think using their fur is wrong.)

    • I love Awake tea, too! :D And as said before, I have no problem with people buying Uggs for comfort. For that price, they BETTER keep my feet cozy and warm. Haha. I just think it’s a ridiculous trend, overall.

      I also agree that using the whole animal is more productive than just hunting an animal just for its fur/skin then throwing away the rest. It just gets me unbelievably guilty when I think of all the animals we breed just for the sole purpose of skinning. :'(

  3. I’m glad you agree. Skinning alone is wrong, and I dont see anyone using minks for food, either. :/

    I dont think there’s a middle man in this kinda-for-fur-but-only-if position.

    And I was just letting you know my own foot’s personal experience. It was certainly not a waste of money. I am warm as can be. Winters are bearable. You know I’m not one to follow ridiculous trends. ;P

  4. improperintegirl

    The only appeal Uggs have for me is that they do look comfortable and warm. I hate the trend though.. and I’d prefer shoes made out of sheepskin to ones made out of synthetic material, skin is easier to repair and will last longer, and when it gets worn out, it’s biodegradable and doesn’t pollute. its also not like the sheep are bred in china for their fur and then skinned alive. They do this, there is a video :(

    as for the tea companys.. tazo is owned by the corporation starbucks, i doubt they’ll give you a coupon, with the other companies you probably have a shot. if you’re looking for another tea brand to try i’d go with Yogi Tea, they have a lot of herbal teas as well as teas with supposed health benefits if you go for that sort of thing.

    • That’s horrible that they do that in China. :'( I’ve heard great things about Yogi Tea. They don’t carry them at most of my local supermarkets, though. I’ll try going to Whole Foods or some other health food store sometime in the near future to find some! :D

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  6. I love UGG boots!!! They look awesome and are very comfortable!!

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  8. In my country, no one wears them because they look like slippers -or maybe because in South America people doesn’t wear the same clothes in winter (because there is no snow here)- I’m not really sure why, but I actually like them because they look like tender and warm, exactly like slippers hehe. Anyway, I would never pay $140 for a pair… you can get like a million pairs for that price on ebay, in fact, I would never pay that price for any shoe. It’s just ridiculous!

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