My Schedule for Spring ’11

Last night, I finally enrolled for classes to take next semester. The server was down, so I wasn’t able to sign up for my classes until 4 hours after my appointment time. My schedule for the spring doesn’t seem bad at all, though. I’m only taking 13 credits, which is the lightest course load I’ve ever taken on, since I’m ahead in the Health Science track. That 8:30am class has me worried, though. I hate waking up early! >.<;

PHY 131 + PHY 133: Classical Physics I + Lab
When I switched majors, I didn’t realize that taking a Physics sequence was required to apply to the clinical programs. Up to this point, all I’ve been taking was a ton of Chemistry and Biology. I’ll probably be taking the equivalent to the second part at Queens College over the summer.

HIS 388: Slavery in Latin America & the Carribean
At Stony Brook, I’m required to take a class about culture outside of the United States. Since my boyfriend has the same requirement, we’re taking this one together. Hopefully, that will make the class bearable. :X

HIS 261: Change & Reform in the US (1877-1919)
Since I never took A.P. US History in high school, I have to make up for it by taking one here. American History is my least favorite subject, so I’m not too thrilled about this. By the time I signed up, there weren’t many options left, so I just went with this one. -_-;

GEO 101:
I’m only taking this to boost my Natural Sciences GPA. The reviews on RateMyProfessors ensure that this is an easy class. :P

What are you guys taking next semester? :D


10 responses to “My Schedule for Spring ’11

  1. improperintegirl

    those history classes sound like they’d be fun to watch an hour documentary on.. but not attend a class for.

    next semester i’m taking a nonsense education course, a math teacher course, some requirement and two more math classes. however, our registration is so messed up that i wont get to register until december most likely..

    • Oh noes! Does that mean other people will get to register before you, and close out those classes you need to take? One of the worst feelings in the world is wanting to take a course, then finding out there are no more available seats. :(

      • improperintegirl

        no, it means everyone has to wait forever until they can register! so i think i have a chance in that respect, and if i cant get into the classes i need, i’m going to the department heads and nicely asking/begging/crying to have them let me in

  2. Edwin-Nikko Kabigting

    Sorry about your scheduling troubles.Actually, Bing has a decent registration system. I finished my registration for next semester within 1 minute and got all the classes I wanted.

    Here’s my schedule as of right now.
    18 credits all together.

    1.BIOL 252: Anatomy and Physiology II LEC and LAB
    (4 credits)- Second part of the Anatomy and Physiology sequence. Its a required prerequisite before clinicals. This class should have more credits.

    2.BIOL 224: Microbiology for Nursing(which i might take next semester as of right now or over the summer before clinicals start)4 credits- Required prerequisite before clinicals. The professor is new too so I don’t know what to expect. My advisor says she seems really nice…we shall see :)

    3. PHIL 202: Descartes, Hume, and Kant- 4 credits-The only foundation course that is left in my Philosophy major. Course content- self explanatory. Looking at major philosophical

    4. PHIL 480E: Tumult, Place Fate, and Belonging- 4 credits-The last upper level philosophy seminar I need to take to complete the major. It focuses on Asian/African disaporic philosophical literature.

    5. NURS 335C: Forensic Health of Offenders: 2 credits-The second course in the Forensic Health sequence for Nursing. I’m currently taking Forensic Health of Victims. The last course in the sequence is Forensic Health Essentials which I will take before I graduate.

    *Option 2: If I don’t take Microbiology next semester, I would replace that class with additional nursing electives, an independent study in Philosophy: possibly gender studies, french, and/or a gym class(this is the only Gen.Ed. requirement i have left).

    Sorry this was so long and hope you are well.

    Mahal Kita <3


  3. I’m taking more Nursing classes! ): Research, pharm, psych: child and adolescence. I think I’m staying here for another year. :( Damn, Fundamentals. Fucked up my GPA now.

    [Sorry for the rant. I’m just mad. Lol.]

    • There’s no shame in needing an extra year! If anything, it’s more productive – the work will be divided into smaller, more manageable parts. Less stress, right? Good luck!

      • You’re right. Although I might have to take this class again, it’ll be most likely the only class I’ll take next fall. It’s better to concentrate on that class instead of juggling 3 other classes. Ugh. But thanks love! I can’t wait to see you!

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