What a long day! :o

Before I get into what I did today, I want to show you guys the tie dye shirt my roommate helped me make the other night! It came out really cool and vivid. I kind of want to make more. : )

Anyway, Michael and I drove into Queens today. My old cell phone charm broke the other week, so I was looking to replace it. And what other place should I turn to besides Flushing? It’s a great place to find unique things. We must have visited about eight different “cute and girly” stores before I found one I really liked. It was in Morning Glory on Roosevelt Avenue & Main St. that I found this super cute Hello Kitty charm. Michael was a dear and bought it for me. <3

Doesn’t it look so darling on my cell phone? :3

For lunch, we ate at a restaurant called Chao Zhou – I’ve eaten there three times before with other friends. Although usually crowded, I highly recommend it! It’s located on 40-52 Main Street. It’s the corner restaurant with no English on any of its red signs. Today, I ordered the lunch special of marinated soy sauce duck over rice. So delicious!

We also ordered some bubble tea (milk tea w/ tapioca) from Sago, which is a few blocks away. I came to the realize that the coconut flavor is soooooo good! *drools* We walked around a lot, too, but none of that is really significant. :P Since we were pretty much done with Flushing, we drove to Roosevelt Field Mall because we were incredibly tired of the pathetic Smith Haven Mall.

I really needed a new jacket, since I don’t really have anything warmer than what I currently have, without being as thick as my winter coat. I found the perfect one in a grey peacoat at Forever 21. I was surprised that it was only $34! :o And from what I could tell, the material is warm and sturdy. ;D

I was also looking for a pair of armwarmers, since I hate wearing long sleeves. If I could have it my way, I’d wear tanktops all the time. Fortunately, I found a pair of gloves that double as gloves AND armwarmers at H&M. They’re really soft, and were pretty cheap. Despite what color you see these as in the photos below, they’re actually a deep purple/maroon. They can unfold to become super long!

After leaving the mall, I remembered that my family was throwing a party at my house in honor of the Pacquiao boxing match tonight. It was a pretty spontaneous decision to spend the rest of the evening partying it up Filipino-style. Tons of delicious food, time with family, and playing of Rock Band 3 with the kids. Unfortunately, I have no photos from the party. I just got back on campus an hour ago, and I’m pretty exhausted. I had a great time today, though, and wouldn’t mind making this a regular thing. By that, I mean bringing my boyfriend over my house for dinner every other week. : ) Goodnight!


7 responses to “What a long day! :o

  1. I certainly wouldn’t mind either. Your family and friends are fun people and feed me wonderful food. I also am glad that we walked into just two stores, and walked out with an item from each. Just that fact alone gives an idea of how shitty this Smith Haven Mall is compared to almost every other mall out there.

    Hopefully they keep you warm! And hopefully this charm stays attached for a while.

  2. Did you get the Galaxy ? <3<3

  3. improperintegirl

    awesome tie-dye, is it permanent? if it isn’t i can give you the name of the company my mom orders dye from XD

  4. That restaurant, is that the one across from the library and Starbucks? Lol. I love the jacket btw! :D

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