My debit card finally arrived! ;D

Two weeks ago, I applied for the ChaCha debit card – it makes everything so much more convenient, since I can now choose to pay myself whenever I want, instead of waiting for payday. I was worried that it got lost on the way here, but it finally came in the mail yesterday. : ) It’s so shiny and new! Check out my pro pixelization skillz:

Thus, I was compelled to go out and buy myself something nice. I haven’t been able to access my funds in three weeks, after all! Thankfully, my mom was nice enough to cover the purchase of new bras – something I desperately needed. I’ve been a little careless and lazy with my Victoria’s Secret bras, and throwing them in the washer/dryer when I’m not supposed to. :X For those of you who don’t air-dry your bras.. you should. Machine-washing them ruins their form, and may causes the under-wires to poke out of the fabric. Ouch!

Since I had a good experience with Gilly Hicks last time I bought underwear, I headed straight for their store first when I arrived at the mall. I was super impressed. Not only did they have a giant area in the back called the “bra room”, they also had so many styles to choose from! Their fitting room was pretty awesome, too. There was a couch and a giant drawer filled with bras of all sizes in their most popular styles, just in case you picked out the wrong kind.

Unfortunately, many of their bras run a little small. I was even surprised that most of their styles didn’t carry a D-cup. Myself being a 34C, I didn’t have much of a problem. I eventually found the perfect fit in Reese and bought the style in dark grey and navy blue, as pictured above. They’re super comfortable, have the right amount of lift, and are lacy (just how I like it). ; ) Gilly Hicks has a year-round sale on bras: 2 for $40. Which is a great deal, since buying them individually costs $34.50 each.

Afterwards, I quickly stopped by Ulta for some lipstick, because I was running low on my current tube. I ended up buying a tube of NYX Round Case Lipstick, in B52 for only $3.59! And I couldn’t be happier with the color. It’s a lovely, creamy, nude, pink shade – perfect to wear on an everyday basis. It applies smoothly, and has lasted me hours today! :o It’s a shame that my camera can’t accurately capture it. It’s a bit deeper and darker than how it’s depicted in these following photos.

Upon leaving the mall, Mike and I headed to Trader Joe’s – mostly because I’ve never been to one. I was actually really surprised by how much cheaper everything is compared to Walbaums and Stop n Shop. And it’s a huge plus in my book that most of the food stocked there is super healthy and organic. o_o Next time I go home, I’ll probably ask my mom to do our groceries there. I bought banana chips and red rooibos tea! :D

So yummy. I can’t wait until my meals points on campus run out, so I can start doing some health-conscious grocery shopping. Until next time! :3


6 responses to “My debit card finally arrived! ;D

  1. oh man I’ve been horrible with my laundry in general. I was just about to run to the mall & pick up some cute bras then i saw your post & was like “irony!” haha. congrats on your new card!

  2. improperintegirl

    I don’t have much of an issue with throwing my bras in the wash.. I generally don’t wear padded ones or ones with under-wire, it’s really hard to find non sports bras like that.. but I’ve managed to find a few at Macy’s and Target. I have one bra with under-wire and I hate it.. that stuff is so damn uncomfortable and as a B cup I cannot comprehend its purpose.

  3. So you work for chacha, I just started there. About how much do you make a day?

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