Freedom!! x__x

Last Friday, my boyfriend Michael bought a car – the 2010 Honda Fit, in Blue Sensation Pearl. We no longer have to deal with the downsides of campus life – the monotony of campus food,  the awful Long Island public transit, the long walks in frigid cold weather. ; )

Even though it was a little chilly and windy today, we drove up to Port Jefferson. Just because we could. :P We went to Red Mango, my favorite frozen yogurt shop, since I’ve been craving it for a while. I assume the place is new to the area, since it was so clean and fresh-looking!

We ended up ordering a medium-sized cup of Pumpkin Spice and Madagascar Vanilla frozen yogurt, with Cap’n’Crunch cereal and Blackberries for toppings. Sooooo good! <3 Michael didn’t like it very much, though, so he got an iced tea for himself. :P

The way they market and advertise themselves is pretty impressive, too. It’s obvious from this poster that they’re targeting health-conscious people. Even without knowing any of this information, though, it’s very convincing to get something at Red Mango just from their tasty-looking menu and toppings bar. : )

In other news, it’s getting cold pretty quickly! I’ve been contemplating on getting a warmer jacket. Then I decided it would just be more practical to layer. That doesn’t mean the first two jackets below from PacSun don’t appeal to me! The pink one is the heavy winter jacket I bought last year at Delia’s. I can always depend on it to keep me warm. :3 Click on any picture to enlarge!

I was also surprised to see the trending Fall/Winter nail polish color on the Sephora website – a loud, punky purple. ‘Just a Little Dangerous’ is a metallic amethyst that I wouldn’t mind having. The shade is just so pretty! :o

But because I don’t have the money for a bottle of $9 purple nail polish, I picked up a purple wide-toothed comb instead, because I left my other one at home! D; This was actually free, since Michael had $3 of “extra bucks” on his CVS card. : )


2 responses to “Freedom!! x__x

  1. I actually have that first jacket from PacSun, or rather something similar from last year. Its quite thin canvas, but I look like a badass. :)

  2. So glad we can go places now! Looking forward to having fun adventures off campus with you. Queens next weekend? :D

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